Worship Arts Camp offers diverse selection for kids

Published 11:20 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2016

By Alec Etheredge | Staff Writer

The busy summer for kids is continuing at Clanton First United Methodist Church with the Worship Arts Camp July 25-29.

Children’s minister Christi Mitchell has gone the extra mile to make sure that kids are getting involved and learning as much as they can about the Bible in fun ways this summer. About 35 children have signed up for the camp so far.

“It’s just important for us to get these kids involved and have hands-on experience with learning about God,” Mitchell said. “If they are having fun while learning, then they will retain more of the information.”

The arts camp differs from their vacation bible study that took place last week in the sense that it introduces kids to artistic values that they may not get the opportunity to learn about in school.

Kids attending the camp will be able to choose five of seven options that will include classes such as cooking, dance, puppets, painting, photography and musical instruments like the keyboard, guitar and drums.

“Children have different kinds of talents and at this age they are still trying to discover those talents,” Mitchell said. “We want to give them the opportunity to experiment with different activities so they can find something they enjoy that may not be offered in school, all while learning about God and the Bible.”

Mitchell added that not getting to choose your own classes and interests until college can be rough on kids, so she wants to help set up opportunities for them to do what they enjoy now.

“If they discover what their gifts are and what they’re interested in at this young age then they can enjoy them for so much longer,” she said. “It’s good for them to go through life knowing what they enjoy rather than miss out on certain opportunities or never discover something they could be talented at.”

If you’d like for your child to be a part of the Worship Arts Camp, you can still join by registering at clantonfumc.org, emailing children@clantonfumc.org or calling 205-755-0490. The camp is open to first-sixth graders. Registration closes this Friday at noon.

Mitchell made sure to point out that most of the time you will have to have your own instruments or supplies when taking classes like this but that this camp is completely free to attend with all materials provided.

“You’re never too young to find something to do that will help others,” Mitchell said.