Clanton Police Dept. reports for the week of July 1, 2016

Published 4:26 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from June 16-June 29:

June 16

•Enters and remain in/on premises: 100 Block 14th St. S.

•Harassment: 200 Block Seventh St. S.

•Improper lane usage: Seventh Street North.

•Theft: Headco Service Station.

•Disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace: 100 Block Third Ave. S.

June 17

•Miscellaneous offenses: 400 Block Fifth St. N.

•Miscellaneous offenses: Peach Park Express.

•Driving while suspended; operating vehicle without insurance; expired tag: English Street and Fourth Avenue South.

•Enters and remain in dwelling: 100 Block Martin Luther King Jr. St.

•Traffic accident: Seventh Street.

•Miscellaneous offenses: 200 Block Town Mart.

June 18

•Alias written for arrest: Chilton County Jail.

•Miscellaneous offenses: 400 Block Second St. S.

•Miscellaneous offenses: 1300 Block Fourth Ave. S.

June 19

•Failure/refusal to display insurance; driving while revoked; expired tag: Peoples Southern Bank and Second Avenue North.

•Traffic accident: Second Avenue North.

June 20

•Burglary: 100 Block Searcy Lane.

•Traffic accident: Jackson Avenue and Seventh Street.

•Simple assault: 300 Block Second St. S.

•Simple assault: Mitzou Villa.

•Disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace: 1400 Block Fourth Ave. S.

June 21

•Miscellaneous offenses: Love’s Truck Stop.

•Alias written for arrest.

•Miscellaneous offenses: Chilton County Health Department.

•Fail stop sign: 14th Street.9Miscellaneous offenses: Texaco.

•Aggravated assault: Fourth Avenue South.

June 22

•Theft from residence: 800 Block Jackson Ave.

•Fail to signal: 200 Block Mile Marker Interstate 65 North.

•Miscellaneous offenses: 600 Block First Avenue.

June 23

•Alias Writ of Arrest – Arrest: 400 Block Studdard Drive.

•Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense- Arrest: Enterprise Road and West Side Service Station.

•Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: Enterprise Road And West Side Service Station.

•Traffic Accident: Interstate 65 & Lake Mitchell Road.

•Unauthorized Use of Auto-No Force: 600 Block 7th Street South.

•Shoplifting – Arrest: Shelby County Jail.

•Theft-From Yards–Arrest: County Road 270.

•Miscellaneous Offenses: 1400 Block 2nd Avenue South.

•Miscellaneous Offenses: 600 Block 1st Avenue.

•Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property: 1800 Block Glendale Drive.

June 24

•Harassment-Family : 1 Block Avenue South & 15th Street.

•Miscellaneous Offenses: 1 Block & 7th North.

June 25

•Theft-From Residence: 1 Block 4th Avenue South.

•Theft Of Lost Property: 500 Block 7th Street South.

June 27

•Alias Writ of Arrest – Arrest: 300 Block Airport Road.

•Aggravated Assault-Menacing-Gun: Scottish Inn Room.

•Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense – Arrest: 1 Block Street South and Cleckler’s Appliance.

•Harassment (Harassment/Intimidation): 400 Block 7th Street North.

•Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: 1 Block Street South and Cleckler’s Appliance.

•Alias Writ of Arrest – Arrest: I-65 Exit 181.

•Miscellaneous Offenses: 200 Block Mm I-65 Northbound.

June 28

•Shoplifting: 200 Block 7th Street South Suite B.

•Harassment-Family – Arrest : 300 Block City Street.

•Alias Writ Of Arrest – Arrest: Shelby County Jail.

•Alias Writ Of Arrest – Arrest: 1100 Block Duren Road.

•Methamphetamine-Sell/Distribute – Arrest: Days Inn Room.

•Methamphetamine-Sell/Distribute: Days Inn Room.

June 29

•Methamphetamine-Possess – Arrest: 2300 Block 7th Street South Scottish Inn.

•Methamphetamine-Possession: 23000 Block 7th Street South Scottish Inn.

•Alias Writ of Arrest – Arrest: 300 Block City Street.

•Improper Tag: Hinkle Road & 2nd Avenue North.

•Operating Vehicle without Insurance: Hinkle Road & 2nd Avenue North.

•Traffic Accident: 1 Block Avenue North & Hinkle Road.

•Miscellaneous Offenses: Clanton Municipal Court.

•Theft of Article from Auto – Arrest: Days Inn Room.