Church news for the week of May 26, 2016

Published 4:44 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

Samaria Baptist Church

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Samaria for worshipping a living Jesus. Our special music, “The Giver of Life”, was sung by Stacy Wyatt.

Prayer concerns today are for our 2016 Seniors who are graduating, Diane Bullard, Johnny and Kim McDaniel, J.T. Meank, Peggy Traywick, Josh, Becca, and Tucker Jones,

Floyd Collins and family as they travel, Tracy and Bennie Mims, Ray Harris, Ray Hardee, and the Missionary from Uganda who is very ill.

Our V.B.S. date has been set for July 24-29 and we are excitedly planning for this.

Brother Shane’s message today was based on Joshua 1 v. 6-9. We need to prepare for tomorrow in order to live today. We can do our part to prepare, but until we have made

arrangements to die, we are not truly free to live. We shall not be discouraged by the troubles of the world today, because as Christians we know who has won the final war.

Christians advancing in age need not continue to feed on the “milk’ of the gospel. We should be graduated up to the meat of the Word, and the spiritual growth that accompanies it.

We must grow in Him, for stunted growth in Christians results in a stagnant, poor example of our Jesus Christ. In order to find the strength we need to serve Him, we must feast on the meat of God’s Holy Word.

We must be sober and vigilant against the adversary the devil who seeks as a roaring lion to devour all he can. We should not allow our mind’s battle to be confused by the lies of satan.

If we are born of God, we can overcome the world, just as Jesus did. When we are dedicated to serving God, satan loses power. He has no strength against a living, and loving God.

Once we taste the meat of the Gospel, we will realize that the milk no longer suffices. Spiritual satisfaction is ours when we want it. Preparing for victory requires obedience to Him. Giving our all to Jesus Christ is a matter of hearing, receiving and absorbing His Word in our daily walk with Him. May God bless you all. Join us at Samaria…for a blessing.

Rocky Mountain United Methodist Church

What a gorgeous day we were given last Sunday with sunshine, low humidity, a slight breeze and the ability to go to the house of worship of our choice! We hope that if you don’t have a church home, you will come visit us and see what a blessing you will receive!

After reading John 16: 12-15, we went on to hear some of the tools of deception used by the devil! Jesus prepared the disciples for the problems they would face once he died on the cross. He also prepares each one of us! We must all, as Christians, experience the truth in order to get through this confused world.

Are you faithful to God Almighty and ready if he returns today? Too many people are ignoring the scriptures. Too many are allowing sin to move in with no regard to the Bible. Are you going to be able to stand before God and hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant?” Jesus will take care of you. Be faithful and take care of Him for Him to be able to take care of you!

Join us each Wednesday evening, youth at 6:00 PM and adults at 6:45 PM. Join us on Sundays at 10:00 for Sunday School and 11:00 for worship.

Cedar Grove News

Announcements: Upcoming events: Radio Revival 06/11/2016 details to follow. 05/29/2016 Fifth Sunday Night singing . The Kelly’s Group will be singing 06/12/2016 evening service.

Prayer concerns: Our nation, our church family, our pastors, those in hospitals and nursing homes and spoken and unspoken request.

Pastor Jeff Carroll’s Text Luke 13:34 “I Would Have but You Would Not.”

When the Son of God returns, will he find any faithful here on Earth? We are seeing evil develop before our eyes and what are we as Christians doing about it? Our state is allowing the law of same sex marriage to pass; the transgender issue is being debated of all things for our state; it is up to the Superintendents of the schools of Alabama to take a stand for our children that are being put at risk with this issue. Why are the majority of our churches allowing these abominations against God to come to fruition?

Some of God’s people are coming under attack for standing against the law of issuing same sex marriage license, which men lying with men, and women, is clearly outlined in God’s word. God has always let things come about in order to bring an awakening in our lives. God is doing all he can do to let us become aware of the judgment, the anti-Christ. Jesus himself met with great criticism, ridicule and rejection from his own. Jesus called them out as hypocrites, claiming to be something they were not. Jesus wanted to take them under his wings like a hen does her brood of chicks but the Jews would not allow him to do so. They hated and killed the messengers of God, rejected and said they did not have to comply.

We see, as with Jonah, the city of Nineveh wanted to be saved but because they were gentiles therefore Jonah did not want to go there and preach. Well we all know what happened to Jonah; in the belly of the whale Jonah went to Nineveh. Jews today are still looking for the Messiah not believing Jesus is the Messiah and will not do so until Jesus comes again, as the word tells us.

Repent and ask Jesus to come into your heart, but many will not accept Jesus. America, America, I would have helped you with your finances, helped to come back to your place of power, I would have but you would not.

A message to churches of America: God would have sent a revival and awakening but we would not. Spiritual movement does not come easy; we have to put forth the effort. Jesus would bless us but we would rather have the things of the world. I say I would have cleansed you but you want just enough cleansing, to appear holy rather than being and living Holy. To the American home there does not seem to be true homes anymore but fathers with addictions, mothers and father committing adultery, mothers of addiction; this is not a home for children but a hell. To the individual soul I would have but you would not. I would have filled you with the Holy Spirit, but you would not. God will fill you to the utmost with his Holy Ghost that you will allow. America you have all of God that you want. The more we allow evil in the world, the less likely God will have a chance to cleanse us. Jesus is saying “I would have but you would not”. Hell is filling up with people that when they get there they are for sure not saying l am glad of the choice I made. God has given us the good news, he was born of a Virgin, died for our sins, rose again, for all of us. In closing, ultimately it is our choice: Heaven or Hell?

Bethany Baptist Church

Sunday May 22, 2016, Bethany Baptist met at 10:00 a.m. We opened with a song, “Did You Think to Pray.” We then had a devotional: Prayer Can Change Things, James 5:17, 18. The focus of our lesson today is on prayer. In these scriptures we are looking back to Elijah in the O.T., and the power of prayer.

People in the land of Israel had been in a drought for 3 1/2 years because of Elijah’s prayer. They were worshipping the false god Baal. Elijah prayed that because they had left following God, for the Lord to stop the rain. Because they had no food, they built an altar to Baal and prayed, danced and cried out to Baal to send rain. Baal never answered, so Elijah had soaked his altar with water and prayed for rain. God sent fire from Heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the soaked wood on Elijah’s altar.

Elijah then prayed for rain, and God answered his prayer and sent rain. I Kings 17 and 18. Just because we pray for rain doesn’t mean we get it immediately. We need to be consistent in our prayer life, so keep praying. Pray to God first during times of need, not as a last resort. Prayer is an important part of our Christian life. We were then dismissed with a prayer to S.S. We then sang, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit,” “It Is Well with My Soul,” “The Light of the World Is Jesus,” and “Lead Me to Calvary.”

Bro. Aubry made the announcements. May 29th will be a 5th Sunday service with a meal and no p.m. services. We will be passing out VBS fliers in the afternoon and VBS will be Wednesday, June 15, 2016 from 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

He then brought the message from II Kings 7:1-11. Our duty as saved children of God is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation with others. In this passage there had been a famine in the land of Israel for about 3 1/2 years. The children of Israel were inside a walled city and the Syrian army waited outside the walls to take over the city. II Kings 6:24-33 tells us of the dire need of the people of the city. They were starving and were eating any and everything. The world today is dying of starvation for the gospel of Jesus, and Christians are holding the gospel to themselves. The gospel of Jesus is a message that the lost world needs and we need to Share! II Kings 7:8-20 the lepers who had been cast out of the walls of the city waited every day for the food that the people would throw over the walls, but when there was no food to be thrown so they knew they were going to die. They decided to go to the Syrian army post to look for food and when they arrived, behold, the Syrian army had fled because they feared the army of Israel. The lepers went from having nothing to having everything they needed. They delighted in their riches. We as saved people can eat from the spiritual food and drink from the fountain of life “The Word of God”, and receive blessings from Jesus Christ.

In Jeremiah, we see where the Words of Life were found, and Jeremiah did eat (digested in his heart and mind). We as saved people have more blessings than we can comprehend, Ephesians 1:3. God presence is always with us. Do not take what we have for granted, because God has provided our needs and He gave us his power and promises. Those of us who have come to know Jesus as Savior needs to realize where we would be without Jesus, Isaiah 64:6, and 61:10 tells us that we have been robed with righteousness. When we witness to the lost we should do so with joy in our heart. The world is starving and we have the food (Word of God) they need. We closed with a prayer and a hymn, “Lead Me to Calvary.” P.M. services began at 5:00 with a song “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” Bro. Aubry then continued with his study in the book of John. Tonight we began with John 5:1-14. In v. 1 we see there was a feast of the Jews, and Jesus had gone to Jerusalem. V. 2, there was a pool called Bethesda where physically challenged people lay, hoping to be cured of their handicap. One man had a problem for 38 years and could not get into the water fast enough because he could not walk. Jesus asked would he like to be well. The man said yes. Jesus told him to take up his bed and walk. When we are witnessing to people, we should ask them if they would like to receive Jesus into their heart. The man was immediately healed and when someone confesses that he knows he is lost and on the way to a devil’s hell, believes in his heart that Jesus can and will save him, accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he is immediately saved and on his way to heaven, not hell. Jesus knew according to the traditional laws of the Pharisees that you could not work on the Sabbath (Holy Day.) The man broke that law by taking up his bed, not for being healed. Once in the temple, Jesus told him that he was whole, saved, so go and do not sin again. Jesus knew the man would not be perfect because he was a human, but he was to not willfully sin. We closed with a prayer. Our prayer list includes our church, Journey Baptist Mission, missionaries and missions everywhere, Bro. Aubry and Shirley, Grace, Justin and Sherry, Colyn, Sherry, Jeanette, JC, Frankie, Lisa R. Morton, Jane, Lori, Chris, Evelyn K., Barbara T. W., Charlotte, Paulette W, and Peggy W., Olivia Wilson, Windy McCullar and Rickey McCullar, Rachel Merriweather and many more, most of all the unsaved.

Mt. Springs

Sunday evening, the congregation sang the following hymns: “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, “I Want to Know More About My Lord”, and “Heaven’s Jubilee”.

Bro. Ronnie Moates brought a devotion from 2 Peter 2:4-9. God s judgment is sure and sin will be paid for!

Kandice, Roger, and Ricky Cleckler sang, “Didn’t I Walk on the Water”. Savannah Parish, Courtney Shaw, and Kandice Cleckler sang, “Long as I’ve Got King Jesus”.

Bro. Heath preached his message from Hebrews 11:6. In the most difficult times, our faith should shine through. How is your faith? Is it impacting those that are around you? We are either overcoming or being defeated according to our lack of faith. Faith opens the door for God to bless us. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Some people may seek God for the wrong reason. If you are seeking for gain or for any other reason other than to get close to God, you are seeking God for the wrong reason.

Some people half-heartedly seek God. You may have something in your life that you don t want to let go of. LET IT GO. God will bless you. Give everything you’ve got to Him!

We should be willing to stick with God no matter what. Make a commitment to give Him everything! Many people will disappoint you, but GOD will never hurt you!

Accept Christ today and see what He can do for you! God truly blesses those who are humble and who fully surrender.

Sunday morning, Kevin Vines led the choir in the hymns of, “Fill My Way Everyday with Love” and “Everybody Will be Happy over There”.

Brad Shaw brought a devotion from John 2:14-16 and Ephesians 4:26. Human nature causes us to desire to argue more and more when we have a conflict. Instead, we should follow the Lord. Let’s give Him everything we have and allow Him to lead. We can get mad, but we do not have to sin!

After Sunday school, Kandice Cleckler, Courtney Shaw, and Savannah Parish sang “Everything’s Gonna Turn out Right”.

Bro. Heath Vines preached from John 6:66-69. He titled his message, Will Ye Also Go Away. When you think that no one knows what you’re going through, Jesus has been there the whole time.

Many people hear the gospel, but leave unchanged. Have you been unaffected by Jesus and His Word? 2 Corinthians 5:17 shows that our outlook, focus, and desires change when we come to Jesus.

Accept Jesus and do not walk away. You may not make it to next week and today is the day of Salvation.

Maybe someone has backslidden. You aren’t as close to God as you once were. Maybe you aren’t faithful to His Word or prayer. God wants YOU to come back (Isaiah 1:18)!

The best deal you can make is to meet God in prayer. You can trade your sin and heartbreak for His grace, love, and mercy! God gets the short end of the deal. He loves us so much, He didn’t expect anything back. Accept Christ today and see what He can do for you! God truly blesses those who are humble and who fully surrender their lives to Him. Give God what you’ve got and He will bless it.

God knows EVERYTHING about us, yet loves us so much! Our faith in God is not based on our problems, but on His promises! Get faithful with God, and He will get faithful with you.

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

Calvary Independent Baptist Church wants to thank everyone who took part in services this past week. Sunday morning services included a message from I Corinthians 16:7-9 about the doors that we have in our lives.

Spiritually speaking, we have many doors that are opened unto us and yet we have many doors also that the Lord closes. We need to know and recognize that doors of opportunity are also doors of responsibility; and the ones that are closed, we need to stop standing at them and move on. We are responsible for the opportunities that have been offered unto us even if we did not take them. The bible teaches that for a man to know to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. Missed opportunities are indeed missed blessings. We hope you are trusting in the Lord and looking for the doors of opportunity that he is wanting to open unto you.

Sunday night services was Family Night. We started with a short song service,then a short message from II Kings 4:1-7 on having faith. Sometimes everything can turn bad and looks like we are in the middle of complete chaos, but when our faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ and we keep trusting in him, we will make it through. This widow had lost her husband, about to lose her sons, but thank God, she had not lost her faith.

What is your faith in today? We pray that you are a saved born again believer in the great God and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are not currently involved in regular weekly services at a local church, come visit with us this Sunday at Calvary. We are located in South Clanton just past the Dollar General, right off 31 on Fulmer Drive.

Our regular weekly services include Sunday School 9:00 am, Children’s Church and Adult Worship Services Sunday Morning at 10:00 am, Sunday Night Services 5:30 pm, Wednesday Night Services 6:30 pm, and a Bible study on every other Tuesday Night at 7:00 pm. For other services and events check us out on Facebook ,Twitter, visit our website at , or call Pastor Oscar Mims at 205-755-9399 .

New Salem Baptist Church

New Salem Baptist Church 11:00 AM service opened with the adult choir singing “I’ll Fly Away.” The congregation then sang “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.” The adult choir sang, “What a day that will be”.

Brother Reeser made the announcements and read the prayer requests. One birthday was acknowledged, Mrs. Jeanette Oakes. Special music was by Bill Norred singing “Sweet Beulah Land.” Brother Reeser’s text was from Colossians 3:17 and his theme was “Are you a committed, dedicated Christian?” Brother Reeser pointed out that of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence many were captured, tortured, and killed. Some of their homes were burned, others lost sons who were killed. These men were lawyers, merchants and farmers and they risked everything, including their lives for their independence. They believed in what they did. How many of we as Christians believe in our Christianity enough to face the threat of losing our homes, jobs, reputation and even our very lives for the cause of Christ? Our enemies have no hesitation about dying for what they believe and they demonstrate it on a regular basis.

Our Scripture Passage says “Do all in the name of the Lord.” We often talk about doing, but our walk doesn’t match our talk. We care to put on the whole amour of God and withstand the devil. It’s not too late to get on God’s side and help others hear the Good News of Salvation. But we’re not promised tomorrow and should God call you home in your present spiritual condition, where would you spend eternity?

The 5:00 PM service began with congregation singing. Brother Reeser spoke from Matthew 16:24-27, “Following Jesus.” In verse 24 are three examples: 1. There must be a decision to follow Jesus: 2. One must deny himself: 3. You have to take up your cross and follow Christ.

Brother Reeser then posed five questions: 1. Would you still follow Jesus if it meant losing friends? 2. Would you still follow Jesus if you were separated from your family? 3. Would you still follow Jesus if it meant a loss of reputation? 4. Would you still follow Jesus if it meant losing your job? 5. Would you still follow Jesus if it meant losing your life? In our witness to the lost do our actions reflect our words? Someone once said to another, “your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.” There is a children’s song that says something like, “If you’re happy and you know it, show it.” Christians are happy and it shows.

We will have a Memorial Day service next Sunday with special guest speaker Bobby Payton, Chaplain for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Message will be by J.C. Pierce.

Vacation Bible School will be July 11-15.

New Salem Baptist Church extends a cordial welcome to all to worship with us: Sunday Morning 10:00 AM Sunday school; 11:00 AM worship. 5:00 PM Evening worship service; Wednesday 6:00 PM Bible study and prayer meeting. Presently we are studying the life of Moses. You are invited to join with us at any of our services and if you need additional information call 205-389-1102.

Submitted by Lucille Price Pierce.

Mars Hill Baptist Church

We started the worship hour with special music from the piano of “How Great Thou Art”, then singers giving us “I’d Like to Talk It Over With Him”. This special music set the tone for services as we came to worship Him and Him only today.

Our pastor was out today and Bro. Jimmy Mims spoke using Luke 12:15-19 for the sermon. Here we find that Jesus is not a divider of worldly things. Too many people want big things and Jesus says things of the world is nothing. He tells us the ground of a rich man brought forth plentifully and the rich man thought within himself saying “What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow all my fruits and my goods”. Notice he says I and My. God reminds him that “today your life is required of thee”. Death is a sure thing for all of us. What changes would we make if we knew that today would be our last day?

It is a foolish thing to hear the word of God and get up and go home. The older we get the harder it is to accept Jesus and be saved, our hearts are hardened as we grow older and without Him all is lost. Do you have the touch of Jesus in your life.

Our Vacation Bible School is July 10 – July 14 with classes for every age group, beginner to adult. Make plans now to attend. Visit us at Mars Hill where scripture is taught and preached. Today is a day to refuel your soul.

Bethsalem Baptist Church

Our morning worship service started off with graduate procession. Bro. Justin welcomed everyone and gave our ministry opportunities.

We saw several graduate slideshows. Bro. Cleve preached our message from Jeremiah 1:5-10, The Story of Me: God’s plan for me, the changes and the challenges involved his church.

At the end, he presented each graduate with a bible, those who are graduates are: Rios Cevallos, Mikayli Glasscock, Nathan Martin, Kendall Roper, Morgan Self, Jordon Thomas, & Jeffrey Thrasher. It was a beautiful service. The families and graduates had lunch after service.

During the evening service we had Bible study for all ages.

Wednesday night family supper at 5:30pm, 6:30 pm adult prayer meeting/ F A I T H training, The Outlet for students & children’s choirs older & younger.

Pray this week for Betty Prewitt, John Flowers, Walter Aaron, Debra Mims, Caleb Harrison, Kathy Fitzgerald, Stephanie Hinton, Paul Price, Billy Arnold, David Reid, Kim Kennedy, Donald Johnson, Lori Rogers, Ashley Minor, Peggy Harris, Charles Bryant, Allen & Casey Daniel, pray for our country and leadership, our home bound, assisted living /nursing home residents, those facing cancer, pray for Dylan Cullmun, Dean Patterson, Ron Shophenisavers and Mason Pach.

Happy Birthday This Week To Joe Beadlecomb, Robert Gallet, Preston Blankenship, Houston Bice, Jennifer Gibbons, Linda Parker, Glenda Shavers, Mason Pack,Joan Moore, Danna Clackley, Tonnia Spigener, Ashley Traywick.

VBS will be the 6-10th. VBS kick off will be June 5th.

Have a blessed week. Come worship with us & get involved.

Submitted by Church News Reporter, Elvie Patterson.

Friendship Baptist Church

Bro. Ken’s message was from Proverbs 8:33. The title was “Commencement”. We can learn something from everyone. We can all be good at something. We need to see the spiritual side of life. Knowledge is not a throne.

We need to listen to the Lord’s instructions and be wise; do not ignore it.

During the evening service, Bro Ken’s message was from Exodus 13: 17-22. His title was, “Don’t Turn Back”. God’s direction-Let God direct your path. God’s time is not the same as our time. He wants to turn our weakness into our strengths.

God protects us. It is not His desire for us to fail. God’s intention is we have to leave our safe places sometimes. Have faith. We recognized our graduating seniors: Jessica Moore of Chilton County High School and Maggie Glover of Montevallo High School.

Thanks to each person who helped with our yard sale, pancake breakfast and those who helped move two of our ladies into their new home.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesdays: Fellowship supper-VBS-Potluck at 6:00 p.m., Prayer time/Bible Study at 7:00 p.m., Mission friends/R.A.’s, G.A.’s and youth at 7:00 p.m. and adult choir rehearsal at 7:45 p.m.

Thursdays: Free guitar lessons for those with a guitar, dedication and willing to practice 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Karate lessons at 6:00 in the gym.

Next Sunday: We will have a day of remembrance during the morning worship. We will honor our servicemen who gave their life to defend America. We will also remember the ultimate sacrifice of Christ by observing the Lord’s Supper. 5th Sunday singing during the p.m. service.

Opportunities for the future:

June 3rd-Men’s fishing trip-See Dusty for more details.

June 17-18th-GRIDIRON Men’s Conference Legacy Arena Birmingham. Register at

June 19-Father’s Day.

June 20-24-VBS – Cave Quest.

July 18-22-2016 Chilton Baptist Assoc. Kid’s Camp Cost: $190 (+Aqua Jump $14, all campers. Ropes course $18, 6th grade only.) DUE JUNE 1st, counselors needed.

October 17-20- Celebrator’s Conference in Pigeon Forge.

Baby Bottles for CareNet Pregnance Center- Please take a baby bottle and return it Father’s Day with change and bills. The goal is for each bottle to contain at least $10.

Happy Birthday: Janice Wyatt, Cindy Miller and Doris Wyatt.

Prayer Request: Sue Roberts, Jeanette Hamm, Sisk Family, the graduates, Rachel Lowrey, Faye Honeycutt, Irby Fanning, Tammy Robinson, Betty Mims and Lucy Norton.

Floyd Baptist Church

Bro. Mike Lawerence’s message was from John 16:33: Preparing for trouble. The world is in a mess. The world is against Christians. When God takes the Christians out of the world, the tribulation will be awful. In this verse, Jesus is preparing his people for dark days ahead. He then tells them of Heaven to look forward to. He is also telling them of The Holy Ghost, The Comforter. The government is trying to cram stuff down our throat, but we are children of God, not children of the government. The best is yet to come! We have tribulations now, but we’ll have mansions later. We will put up with contrary people here, but we’ll be with Christ later.

Floyd will be having it’s Fifth Sunday Singing on May 29 at 5:00 p.m. Special singers will be Rhonda and Ray Headley. Snacks will be served after the singing. Everyone is invited.

Floyd will be having Children’s Vacation Bible School on June 12th through the 17th. It will start at 5:30 p.m. Sunday and 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Everyone is welcome to come worship with us at Floyd. We are located at 3439 County Road 59, Verbena, AL 36091.