Church news for the week of June 23, 2016

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mars Hill Baptist Church

Sunday was a beautiful day to celebrate the day with our fathers. We thank you for your dedication to your families and for setting a godly example for them. A few years ago you did not see many men in church but today at Mars Hill we have a congregation full of men that are dedicated to God and to serving Him.

Our Pastor used Hebrews 3:1-13 for his sermon today. A father is likened to our Heavenly Father in these things He wants you to remember: I am for you, I love you, I believe in you, I will not fail you, I will be with you, I will provide for you, I will bless you, I will give you rest, I will strengthen you, I will answer you. We need fathers who will deliver their families to church to hear God’s word being taught. We understand that the parents must work to provide for their children but children do not need as many “things” of the world as we sometimes think. Fathers, get right with God and learn what is more important.

Our Vacation Bible School will be July 10 – July 14. There will be classes for Beginners thru Adult.

Find yourself a church where you can serve God, where the Word is taught and preached. We have a place for you at Mars Hill.


Bethany Baptist Church

Sunday, June 19, 2016, Bethany Baptist Church met at 10:00 a.m. and opened services with a song “Whiter than Snow.” We then had a devotional, “The Joy of Being Forgiven,” Psalm 51:7-13.

This is a psalm of David after having Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle. He had been burdened by his sin which he could not fix by himself. He now realized that he needed God to help him. David wanted to be made clean, not physically, but spiritually. The weight of all his sins made him feel like he was being crushed. We as children of God, if living a life of sin are in the same situation. As long as we stay close to God and immediately after being saved we have joy in our heart. When living in sin we no longer have the joy until we repent of our sins. We will never be lost once we are saved, but can lose the Joy of our salvation. Learn from other’s mistakes, stay true to God so that we will not find ourselves in the places where we will be tempted to sin.

We were dismissed with a prayer to Sunday school after which we began worship services with a song, “This Is My Father’s World,” “Faith of Our Fathers, and the announcements of upcoming events were made. The National American Baptist Association meeting in Tulsa, Ok will be held the 20-23. We prayed for the safe trip of our pastor, Bro. Aubry and Shirley as they are driving to the meeting. We also had prayer for all the ones on our prayer list. This, being Father’s Day, we honored our fathers who were present with a small gift. Bro. Glenn Vines then brought the a.m. message from Judges 6:1-6, “Gideon, a Great Hero of the Bible.”

We are looking back at Gideon from the beginning! Israel was going through tough times as a result of not following God. They had been sinning by disobeying God. They prospered while in captivity, and thought they were strong by their own might therefore they thought they no longer needed God. They forgot that God was the one who had fought all the battles for them and also cared for their needs on a daily basis. God allowed other nations to come in and take everything for which they had worked. Finally they got to the point where they realized they must turn back to God.

In v. 6, the children of Israel cried out to God for help. Gideon in v. 11 was threshing wheat in the winepress. The Midianites were taking everything from the Israelites; they had to hide all their grain. When God called Gideon in v.12 and 13, Gideon said, on no God, I am not the right man. I am the least in my father’s house.

We today drift away from God, spiritually but we need to change our attitude and come back to God. Gideon knew who God was but he had decided that God had forgotten him. God saw a man of valor, and Gideon was not to fight against God. God said put no other god before Him. Gideon was weak but God was and is strong. Gideon tore down the altar of Baal at night. Israel was ready for God to help them. Baal was not a true God, only a manmade god. Gideon was a young man and needed God to give him a sign, and this is where the fleece comes about in Judges 6:37-40. God was and is patient with us. In Judges 7, we see where Gideon gathered an army, but God did not want them to win the battle on their own, or they would not have given God the glory He deserved. We are called to do something and God can use the smallest thing we can do for him. Never tell God ‘I can’t.”

A.M. services closed with a song “Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy.”

P.M. services began at 5:00 p.m. with a song “What a Friend,” and Bro. Glenn brought the p.m. message “Promises.”

A promise is an almost guarantee that we will do something. Many times we either forget something we will do one day. Many times we either forgot, or something out of our control may come up. Maybe we never intended to do the thing like we had promised. Someone has counted the promises God made to man and came up with 3,573, accurate or not, the truth is when God makes a promise, He keeps it!

First, we will take a look at the promise of eternity and salvation, Romans 6:23. We know that all have sinned. After this life we have the promise of eternity and salvation. After this life we have eternity, either in Heaven (life) or in hell (death, or separation from God.) If people decide to deny Christ and not accept Him as their Savior, then they are doomed to an eternal hell.

Romans 10:9- There is eternal life after this physical death. There is eternal life after physical death. We can be saved form eternal death and a life after the resurrection by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. The plan of salvation is very simple. You must realize you are a sinner, believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again after the third day, and confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is LORD, you can be saved forever!

We believe in the eternal security of the believer. Romans 8:37-39 Nothing can separate us from the love of God once we are saved. If you say you can lose your salvation, you are saying that there is something more powerful than God. We are not perfect and will sin after salvation, but we need to ask forgiveness from God. He will forgive us our sins. If you think you can lose you salvation, you would be worried all the time and would not be joyful.

II Peter 1:4, we know natural bodies are not perfect because of Adam’s sin. We do not need to be stuck in our sinful nature. There is something we can do to make ourselves righteous, Isaiah 64:6. Once saved the Holy Spirit is living inside us to guide and help us get through this life without yielding to temptation.

Jeremiah 29:11, God has a plan for us once we are saved. We are called to do some work. He knows his plan for our life. His plan is a good one, to keep us as prayerful as possible and full of hope regardless of what happens to us. God will always lead us on the right path.

Isaiah 40:29-31 is dealing with our walk through life which we cannot do alone. We would grow tired and weary, so we need to depend on God to help us through. No one has the strength to get through life without God. We will see hard times as we go through life, and if you trust God, you will make it through the difficult times.

Philippians 4:19, God has promised to give us everything we need. Most of the things we think we need are really wants. If He provides for the plants and sparrows, how much more will He provide for us. Once saved, we are joint heirs with Christ. We will have all the riches we need and will not go lacking.

Proverbs 1:33 tells us that before the lord comes back things in the world will be as in the days of Noah. Do not be afraid, put your faith in God and we will know we are safe.

John 14:27, God gives us peace that the world is looking for in their life. Something is missing and that is the love of God. The only way we can find peace is through Jesus Christ. Men try to make peace with others today, but peace treaties do not last.

Matthew 11:28-30, we have the promise of someone to lift the burdens from our shoulders. Bring our cares to Jesus, don’t just sit back, we have work to do, but with the yoke of Jesus we will not be burdened down like the lost world. We have all these promises and thousands more, but cannot mention all of them. God never breaks a promise. Be comforted that God is on our side and we are encouraged to spread the gospel. Many want only the pleasant things of the Bible, but we need to teach the whole truth of God’s Word. Many still want to hear the gospel today and it is our duty to tell others.

We were dismissed with a prayer and our prayer list includes our church, Bro. Aubry, Shirley, Journey Baptist and all the other missions and missionaries, Paulette and Peggy Williams, Lisa R.M., Jenny H, Colyn and Sherry, Barbara T. W., Melissa, Carl, Vikki, Helen, Charlotte, Evelyn K, Harold T, Jane, Sherrie and Justin Gray, and many more especially the unsaved.


Calvary Independent Baptist Church

Calvary Independent Baptist Church wants to say a special thanks to all who attended services this past week. Sunday morning services included a message from Psalms 128 on “What can a father hope for? We looked at having a godly fear, a godly faith, a godly family, and having favor with God. That is indeed a lot to hope for and yet it is within our reach and most of all, it is within the will of God. Having a healthful fear of what evil, pride and arrogance can do, knowing the Devil uses all of these for his purpose to steal, kill and to destroy. Having a godly faith means we rest assured that our labor for Christ will never be in vain. We can have happiness, prosperity and all of God’s blessings that are wrapped up in being a part of his faithful family. He never promises everything we want but he does always provide our needs in his time and purpose. A father has a lot to look forward to as long as his hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ! Sunday night services included a message from Genesis 18:17-18, Romans 4:1-7 and other passages on “Abraham, a father that found God’s favor. We looked at how all nations were blessed through faithful Abraham. He believed the promises of God and it was counted unto him for righteousness. We also looked at a faith that multiplies, a father on a mission, and a faith that is in Christ alone. We pray that you are saved and searching the scriptures daily and growing by the sincere milk of the word. If you are looking for a church in the Clanton area to visit this Sunday we would love for you to visit with us at Calvary.

We are located in South Clanton, just past Dollar General, right off 31 on Fulmer Drive. Our regular weekly services include Sunday School at 9:00 am, Children’s Church and Adult Worship Services Sunday Morning at 10:00 am, Sunday Night Services at 5:30 pm, Wednesday Night Services at 6:30 pm and a Bible study on every other Tuesday Night at 7:00 pm. For other services and events check us out on Facebook , Twitter, visit our website at , or call Pastor Oscar Mims at 205-755-9399.


New Salem Baptist Church

New Salem Baptist Church 11:00 AM service opened with the adult choir singing “Jesus we just want to thank you.” The congregation then sang “Faith of Our Fathers.” The adult choir sang, “Silver Haired Daddy”. Brother Reeser made the announcements and read the prayer requests. Four birthdays were acknowledged: Willie Mae Crowson, Daniel Matson, Justin Lexley, Porter. Fathers were recognized and given a small reminder. Special music was by Mrs. Karen Reeser singing “Daddy’s Hands”.

Brother Reeser’s text was from Luke 15:11-24 and his theme was “A happy father.” The man’s youngest son had made a request for his portion of inherence due him: in fact he might as well have said, “I wish you were dead.” The father might be able to have stopped the transaction, but he knew the boy had to learn a lesson and the only way he could really learn it was by experience. Even though it broke his heart to see the son leave in this manner, he submitted to his request and the young boy left. Away from home and freedom to live his own life the way he wanted, he began to waste his substance until at one point he was completely broke and no one to come to his aid. The Bible then says, “He came to himself”. He finally realized that even the servants in his father’s house were better off than he was. So he made up a speech to give his father and started back home. Before he reached his home the father saw him coming and ran to meet him: in that day and culture older men did not run, but this father was so happy to see this repented son he ran and hugged him so as to protect him from the village people. He restored him to his original position with the best robe, ring of authority and shoes for his bare battered feet. Everything the boy had done previously had now been forgotten by the father he and prepared a great supper for this one who had returned. Like this son, we too must come to ourselves. Realize just what our situation is, and then remember that our Father has everything we need and is waiting for us to go to him and we will find Him eager and running to receive us and restore us to His family just as if we had never left.

Evening services were cancelled so families could enjoy Father’s Day together.

Vacation Bible School will be July 11-15 6:00 PM to 8:00PM. New Salem Baptist Church extends a cordial welcome to all to worship with us: Sunday Morning: 10:00 AM Sunday school; 11:00 AM Worship; 5:00 PM Evening worship service; Wednesday 6:00 PM Bible study and prayer meeting. We are learning about the 12 Disciples of Christ. You are invited to join with us at any of our services and if you need additional information call 205-389-1102.

Submitted by Lucille Price Pierce


Cedar Grove

Announcements: Upcoming events: Radio Revival coming to you live, by our very own local radio station WKLF at Goose Pond Park in Clanton from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There will be pastors from various community churches preaching the true gospel of God. There will be free food and drinks. All are invited to come on out, bring your lawn chairs and join us in the joy of worshiping the Lord.

Prayer concerns our pastors, our church family, our nation, the presidential election, those in hospitals and nursing homes and spoken and unspoken request.

Pastor Jeff Carroll’s Text: Mathew 3:6-15, “A Dad’s Responsibility”.

Dads have a tremendous burden upon their lives, responsibility to train and raise their children in the ways of God. America has broken down because the men of this country are not standing up and taking responsibility over all to raise their children. Fathers are to be the leaders of their home. Kids want to have a relationship with their father. The same is true for God he wants to have a relationship with his children, but just as children we as Christians have to take responsibility to ask for a relationship with God. We do know no one can stop us from praying to God. God the father always hears our prayers. The nature of the Dad is to say no when you need to say no. Daddy’s words in the home should be respected. Our heavenly father knows our needs, we may not always get our wants, but he always covers our needs. God Hallowed be thy name, the name above all names (Jesus). Thy will be done (not ours). Thy kingdom come (closely approaching).

Four things God gives us when we pray as he commands. 1. Our daily bread. 2. Forgives us our sins as we forgive those that sin against us, or as we know very well if we do not forgive others God will not forgive us. 3. Do not lead us into to evil, but deliver us from the evil one, at some point and time in our lives God has delivered each of us from the snares of satan. 4. For yours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory for ever. God wants us to be guided out of our debts by obeying his commands. In closing:” Delivered from evil there is not an evil in this world God cannot deliver you from, but we must want to be delivered. Father’s it is your duty to provide the needs of your children. Daddy’s forgive your children, forgive men their trespasses or your father (God) will not forgive you thus saith the Lord.” Fathers embrace the ways of God, forgive to be forgiven.


Mt. Springs

Sunday morning, the choir sang, “Glory to His Name,” “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” and “Won’t It Be Wonderful There.”

Roger Cleckler brought a devotion from Philippians 2:19-30. God gave us some godly men. God is a great Father to us!

After Sunday school, Bro. Cody Bearden preached from Matthew 25:1-13. We don’t know the day or the hour when the Son cometh. God sent His Son to the cross to die for our sins. He said He would go with us all the way. He said He would be by our side. God chose us and He gave us blessings. The rapture is going to take place one day. Our foundation needs to be in Jesus Christ. We are going to stand in front of God one day.

Sunday evening, Kelvin Vines led the congregation in the hymns of, “Glad Reunion Day,” and “Just Over in the Glory Land.”

Ronnie Moates led the testimony service. He brought a devotion from Genesis 6:5-8, and Matthew 24:37-39. Noah loved God with all of his heart; that’s how he found grace. Man’s corruption has repented God. People in Noah’s day did not heed to Noah’s call. People today turn away from God’s call.

Roger Cleckler sang, “Through the Fire.”

Bro. Cody Bearden preached from multiple verses Sunday night. One of the passages He preached from was John 11:1-45. Bad things do happen to good people. We serve a God of miracle, not of logic! Our hopes and dreams may be dead, but Jesus will restore! When you hurt, God hurts. When you weep, God weeps. When you’re troubled, God is troubled.

Jesus can remove the stone in your life, call you to come forth out of the grave, and lose your grave clothes! When Jesus does a work and you do what God wants you to do, people will start believing in the Lord.


Samaria Baptist Church

We enjoyed a Happy Father’s Day service today at Samaria. Our Dads were recognized today and appreciated for the Godly men they are. Special Music was sung by Cheralyn Stoneback: “The Lamb of God.”

Prayer concerns go out today for the Linda Hall family, Peggy Traywick, Elvie Patterson, Gayle Cleckler, Jacob Jamison, Ella Greer, and Myron West and family.

Father’s Day is a special day and we should always be more mindful of acknowledging our dads for their impact on our lives. Our Pastor’s message for today was entitled, “Godly Father.” Scripture today was taken from Joshua 24 v. 14-18.

Joshua warned people of choosing other gods before almighty God. We learn that boys tend to listen to their Mothers, but they follow the footsteps of their Dad.

A Christian father must display morals and values that are reputable. Seeking divine direction is the only way to accomplish this goal. We cannot show Jesus to others just because we decide to. We must have the Holy Spirit in our lives to show us the way.

Be the example that God wants you to be. He will show you the steps to take to become the man of God that He wants you to be. We need the power of God to handle disappointments and failures in life. He has promised to be there for us in every situation of life. Our children see everything we do. Never think you are getting by with anything. Their little minds absorb things like a sponge. Remember to be the shining light in their lives.

Our men need to be like Joshua and say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Satan’s goal is to destroy families. This is happening in America at a record pace. With opportunities in life come greater responsibilities. Serving God as a Christian father and husband is a wonderful honor, and men should rejoice with this amazing challenge in life. This can be accomplished by His grace and by His Power, not of ourselves. Admitting weakness and the need for God’s strength will bring greater joy to a Christian father’s life.

Make a declaration as Joshua did and then make a plan to lead your family to church and to Christ.

Our service next Sunday will be ‘Church in the Park” from Thorsby park beginning at 10:00. May God keep you all in His tender loving care. God bless you all.


Mt. Carmel No. 1 Baptist Church

Do you know men that are Faithful, Always Trustworthy, Honorable, Ever-loving, Righteous, and Supportive? This is the description that was printed in our bulletin of a father. To fulfill these qualities is not an easy task. Having a great relationship with God is an important step in being the father that a child needs in their life. It was great to have a lot of fathers in our service last Sunday. They were recognized and each one was given a devotion book.

Our service started with Libby Warren playing “When the Saints go Marching in” for our penny march. Mr. Jim Hayes led the congregation songs that included the old song “Dwelling in Beulah Land” and “Amazing Grace”.

Bro. Travis Burnett used John 1: 10-13 for our morning message. The message lets us know there is a really big difference in ‘being in the world’ and ‘being of the world’. As we are told in these verses that Jesus, the Son of God, was in the world, not of the world. Being in the world is just a location. It doesn’t mean that you belong there. God knew in order to reach those that were of the world, Jesus must be in the world. This is true for Christians today. The field of work for Christians is in the world. That is where the lost, those that need Salvation, call home. We are told in Romans 12:2 that we are not to be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Christians realize that worldly behavior is off limits to them. Worldly customs are selfish and corrupting. They blind people to the fact that they are stumbling in darkness. God saw this need and sent The Light, His Son, into the world to help them find the way. It is up to them to accept this light or receive the condemnation that is in store for those that refuse it. Being led by love, Christians are to do their very best to show the lost the way out of the world.

We did not have evening services in order to allow families to enjoy time with their fathers.

Our Vacation Bible School starts next Sunday, June 26th. It will be each evening at 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. We will have classes for ages 3 years through those that have completed the sixth grade. There will also be an adult class. Everyone come. There will be a place for you no matter your age. There will be a kick-off party on Saturday, June 25th at 2:00 p.m. We covet your prayers for each child and worker.

On Sunday, June 26th, we will have a potluck lunch after our morning service to honor Bro. Travis and Kaitlyn with a baby shower. Please make your plans to attend. They request the gifts be diapers, wipes, and donations.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family of Randy Roper that lost his life in an accident. Also on our prayer list this week is Myron West and his family, Minnie Childress, Gladys Franklin, Leona Liveoak, Elladene Mims, Marlene Hayes, Mary Maudlin, Christy Lowery, Mary Dean Higgins, Ruthie Jean Giles, the Orlando shooting victims’ families, and the revival that is going on in Burlington, N.C.