Horse rider recovering after being struck by vehicle

Published 7:44 am Saturday, June 4, 2016

A woman critically injured when she was struck by a vehicle while riding a horse is in stable condition and recovering Your Domain Name.

Patricia Williams, mother of the victim, Audreauna Cummings, said her daughter suffered two fractured ribs, bruised lungs and a fractured jaw among other injuries.

She has undergone one surgery and will likely face additional procedures.

Cummings was riding a horse with two other horses and riders along County Road 42 after dark on May 29 when she was struck by a vehicle.

“She’s very fortunate to be alive,” said Williams, who added that Cummings may be able to go home from the hospital Saturday.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Cummings also sustained injuries, but they were not considered critical, officials said.

Cummings will likely face a pile of medical and dental bills, so a “GoFundMe” account has been set up in her name to help cover the expenses.

The horse injured in the incident belongs to a local woman and has been under the care of a veterinarian but should be able to recover.

The appropriateness of riding horses at night along a busy highway has been questioned.

Williams said such riding has always been common for a family familiar with horses.

“She has had horses ever since she was 14 years old,” said Williams, of Tuscaloosa. “She has shown horses her whole life—gone to state and done barrel racing and everything.

“We’ve always rode around here anytime. We’re out in the country, and we go anywhere.

Williams disputed a police report stating Cummings was wearing dark colored clothing at the time of the incident, and said her daughter was using a cell phone flashlight, but the party still likely would have been difficult to see on a dark roadway at night.

Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon, after working with the local district attorney’s office, said his initial impression is that a criminal act would not have been committed by riding a horse at night.

Cummings, 24, had recently moved to Jemison and was within 2 miles of her home at the time of the incident, Williams said.

Williams said she has been bothered by comments on social media from people questioning Cummings’ actions.

“Now is not the time to bring insults,” Williams said. “Prayers are needed more than anything.”