CIS Accelerated Reader students earn reward

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Clanton Intermediate School recognized the students who reached the school’s 100-point Accelerated Reader goal.

The students had to read many books and pass the AR test on each book to earn the points. The students who earned at least 100 AR points for the year were treated with a free field trip to Peach Park.

Schools officials said they are proud of all of our students at CIS and the dedication to reaching this goal, and wish them continued success for the next year and encourage all of our students to challenge themselves to make this goal.

The fifth grade students were: Garrett Traywick, Kaitlyn Harrison, Daniel Corona, Noah Empson, Alex Leach, Kalayshia Nunn, Logan Bice, Claire Parker, Nathan Brown, Shon Stallings, Mason Driver, Mattie Woodall, Kristin Thomas, Anna Kathryn Baker, Dallas Hooper, Caleigh Sanders, Lilly Speaks, Emiley Holsomback, Alexis Pierce, Mahogany Hurt, Sophia Chen, Isaiah Owens, Tristin Yarenko, Cayden Anderson, Alaiah Varner-Crenshaw, Joshua Simms, Aidan Bee, Payton Cole, D. J. Argo, Asher Willis, Cissy Cofer, Anne Ray, Kayley Bean, Tressa Miller, Paige McDaniel, Alyssa Hann, Johnathan Marino, Alexis Hubbard, Bella Collins, Jada Crockett, Libby Hilyer, Kalyn Smith, Lynn Stamps, Kathryn Higdon, Elijah Warren, Skylar Gandy, Marissa Pierce, Morgan Wright, Jamon Dejarnett, Alyvia Stilwell and Aston Toro.

5-31 CIS5th

Third and fourth grade students were: Barrett Martin, Ethan Stallings, Landon Bishop, Dennis Mitchell, Paul Stewart, Elizjah Doane, Zaden Jones, Carson Stone, Lily Rozelle, Catherine Stone, Stephen Cromer, Ethan Jones, Marynn Vaith, Coven Crumpton, Landon Crumpton, Katelyn Kilburn, Jasmine Nash, Brody Brand, Adam Johnson, Breanna Perault and Amari Griffin.

5-31 CIS3rd4th

CIS officials thanked the PTO and Peach Park for sponsoring this reward.