North Chilton County roads getting makeovers

Published 4:02 pm Monday, April 25, 2016

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Motorists in North Chilton County can expect much smoother rides in the coming weeks and months.

Road improvement projects are underway or forthcoming on three primary thoroughfares.

Anyone who uses the road regularly already knows about the ongoing work on County Road 42 because of its closure, but two other roads that connect with 42 will also be improved soon: County Road 29 and County Road 48.

Chilton County Road Department Engineer Tony Wearren said work on a culvert underneath County Road 42 is nearing completion.

This work has forced the closure of the road, which is the main roadway between the main part of the city, off Highway 31, and Interstate 65 Exit 219.

Wearren said the culvert work could be completed as soon as this week, weather permitting. After the culvert is ready, asphalt will need to be laid down and a guard rail installed.

Once that work is complete, the road will re-open to motorists.

However, the re-opening of the road will not mean the work to improve it is finished, as much more remains to be done.

Chilton Contractors is performing the work on this state road.

County Road 29 intersects with 42 near Smokey Hollow restaurant, close to the I-65 exit, and runs south past Petals from the Past, Collins Chapel Baptist Church, Collins Chapel Fire Department and the Chilton Research and Extension Center, eventually intersecting Highway 31 near Chilton Water Authority.

The upcoming project would focus on the portion of 29 not resurfaced two years ago, at the intersection of County Road 48 northward.

Wearren said a pre-construction meeting about a project to improve the road was held April 22, with work scheduled to begin May 2.

The project should be completed in 45 working days or less.

A pilot car will be utilized to guide drivers past the construction zones, but Wearren said at least one lane of the road would remain open during the work.

County Road 48 intersects 42 and 29, forming a triangle: 42 on the north, 48 to the southwest and 29 to the east.

A project for improvements to 48, including 4-foot widening, resurfacing, leveling and striping, has been let out for contract, Wearren said, and work could begin in about a month.

“That whole area, when we get done with all of this, will be in really good shape,” he said.