Community garden will offer many benefits

Published 6:39 pm Friday, April 22, 2016

It wasn’t so long ago that almost everything people ate they either grew or killed themselves. Most people had gardens and/or livestock and were intimately familiar with where their food came from.

In today’s rushed world of convenience, we often don’t have the same kind of relationship with our food. Instead of picking a vegetable out of garden, we open a can. Instead of raising and slaughtering a chicken, we peel back a thin layer of plastic to begin preparing the evening meal.

Much the same, when we sit down at a restaurant or order at a drive-through, we usually don’t know much about our food.

But the relationship between people and their food is an important one, and it should not be forgotten.

This is why it is so encouraging to see efforts like the one undertaken recently by members of West End Neighborhood Watch and Fountain Chapel AME church in Clanton, who this past week planted a community garden at the church.

Seeds were provided by Cawaco, the church and its partners, and organizers of the efforts plan to provide produce for the community once harvesting begins.

This garden will bring the community together and likely provide food for people in need. It might also help remind us of where food comes from, the work required to produce it and its importance in our lives.

Stephen Dawkins is managing editor for The Clanton Advertiser. Look for the next installment of his column in a future edition of the newspaper.