Board of Ed. approves personnel decisions

Published 4:40 pm Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Chilton County Board of Education, at its meeting Tuesday, approved personnel decisions about faculty and staff at local schools.

Resignations and retirements included:

•Robin Cagle, Clanton Elementary School, 1/2 assistant principal and 1/2 teacher, effective June 30.

•Benita Cahalane, central office, special education coordinator, effective June 1.

•Mary Beth Easterling, Thorsby School, kindergarten teacher, effective May 31.

•Juawana Hayes, Verbena School, CNP manager, effective May 26.

•Kathy Holley, transportation department, bus driver for Clanton, effective June 1.

•Jessica D. Jones, Verbena School, elementary teacher, effective May 27.

•Sarah McPherson, Chilton County High School, CNP assistant manager, effective June 1.

•Susan T. Mitchell, Isabella School, elementary teacher, effective June 1.

•Pamela Ousley, Maplesville School, family and consumer science teacher, effective May 31.

•Linda Payne, CCHS, chemistry teacher, effective May 31.

•Marilyn Scoggins, Jemison Elementary School, secretary, effective June 1.

•Glenda H. Taylor, Isabella School, special education teacher, effective May 31.

•Karen Morgan Watley, Thorsby School, instructional coach, effective June 1.

•Sandra Willis, Verbena School, CNP assistant manager, effective May 26.

Non-renewals included:

•Chilton County High School: Angela Handley, special education teacher assistant; Kimberly Martin, special education teacher assistant; Jennifer Morris, .43 interventionist; and Veronica Walker, CNP employee.

•Clanton Middle School: Rochelle Baker, teacher assistant/interventionist; Amanda Carter, special education teacher assistant; Warrene Wilson Chaney, intervention teacher; Brett Horne, science teacher/secondary; Catherine Hester, English language arts/secondary; Joseph May, 1/2 counselor and 1/2 interventionist; Kristina Michelle Wilson, special education teacher assistant; and Matthew Zeigler, special education teacher assistant.

•Clanton Intermediate School: Jennifer Morris, interventionist; Eugenia Graham Lea, elementary teacher; Haley Foshee, elementary teacher; Paula Bolton, elementary teacher; Chelsea Guerin, collaborative teacher; Kerri Tillery, speech/language pathology assistant; and Katiah Worthey, special education teacher assistant.

•Clanton Elementary School: Gabriell Cooper, kindergarten teacher; Rebecca Michelle Corley, special education teacher assistant; Crystal Roberson, special education teacher assistant; Haley Smitherman, special education teacher assistant; and Chelsea White, special education collaborative.

•Isabella School: Emily Bedgood, ELA-secondary; Courtney Smith Epperson, elementary teacher; and Jill Green, 1/2 counselor and 1/2 interventionist.

•Jemison Elementary School: Courtney Adams, kindergarten teacher; Keley Barnhill, elementary teacher; Suzanne Lowery, speech/language pathologist; Sherry Minor, intinerant EL teacher; and Laura Wooten-Smith, elementary teacher.

•Jemison Middle School: Patrick A. Hardiman, sixth grade teacher; and Trenton Posey, intervention teacher.

•Jemison High School: Kenneth Reid Abel Jr., social science teacher; Elizabeth Lowry Conn, general science teacher; Kristopher Fischer, language arts teacher; Victor W. Rodriguez, teacher assistant/interventionist; and Richard Sidwell III, intervention teacher.

•Maplesville School: Joshua Averett, mathematics teacher; Rebecca Averett, elementary teacher; Rebekah Beason Deloach, elementary teacher; Amy Harris, speech/language pathology assistant; Sumer Harrison Leach, kindergarten teacher; and Sandra Pearce, intervention teacher.

•Thorsby School: Christopher Baker, history teacher/secondary; Lisa Nichols, English teacher/secondary; and Kelly Wood, mathematics teacher/secondary.

•Verbena School: Stephanie Akers, collaborative education teacher; Erika Brown, instructional coach; Magenn McGriff Green, interventionist; Terri Hipps, mathematics teacher/secondary; and Kelli Muncher, 1/2 counselor and 1/2 teacher.

•Transportation department: Jerry Deavers, bus driver; Tera Easterling, bus driver; Rita Jones, special education assistant; Christina Leann Land, bus driver; Jason Lucas, bus driver; and J. Clark Thompson, bus driver.

Approved leave requests included Denise Scarbrough, from April 11 to Aug. 1; Amy Harris, from May 2 to May 27; Tamaryn Hall Garcia, from Aug. 4 to May 26, 2017; and Crystal Sabat, from March 14 to May 9.

Substitutes approved included: Julie Denise Ellison, teacher; Amanda Lynn Griffin, teacher and support; Crystal Moore, teacher and support; Kenneth Melendy, bus driver; and Amy Burnett Stamps, teacher and support.

Deanna Clements was approved as a highly qualified substitute at Jemison Elementary School, to be paid $71.25 a day from April 11 to May 27 to fill in for Denise Scarbrough, who is on leave.

Russell Jones was removed from the substitute list as of April 19.

In other business, the Board:

•Approved a request from Special Education Coordinator Benita Cahalane to provide “extended school year services” for special needs students with IEPs who have severe learning and behavioral challenges. The services will be paid for with federal funds.

•Approved requests from Child Nutrition Program Director Rachel Rachels including: approving a revised local wellness policy that has been laying for review since Feb. 1, replacing the Rational Combi oven at Clanton Elementary School with a Blodgett Combi oven from a bad at the same contracted price, upgrading the CNP server to a virtual server to be purchased from the state of Alabama procurement list in the amount of $21,976, purchasing a power supply for the virtual server in the amount of $13,380.65, allowing director and managers to attend summer state directors and managers training workshop on June 1 at Marriott in Prattville with expenses to be paid from Child Nutrition, and conducting state required substitute training for four hours and paying attendees at the regular rate of a 1/2 day.

•Approved a request from Federal Programs Supervisor Adriane Dennis to hire contract intervention teachers to provide supplemental instruction and remediation for students in danger of failing coursework. The positions will be funded using federal funds and is for the remainder of the current school year. Each teacher will work on a schedule designated by the principal at a rate of pay of $25 per hour.