West Chilton FD to host ‘Run and Hide’ class

Published 6:43 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fear of active shooter situations is higher than ever.

Various classes and demonstrations have been given in recent months throughout the area in a continued attempt to inform residents.

The West Chilton Fire Department is doing its part in to make the community safer by hosting a “Run, Hide and Fight” class.

Unlike previous classes, the goal is to create awareness and inform the average person rather than a police officer.

Capt. Ken Harmon of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office will be assisting with the instruction of the class along with fellow officers Shane Aldridge and Mark Johnson.

According to Harmon, due to the fact that it is geared toward the average resident, the class is expected to be less technical and more instinctual.

“It sounds silly to run and hide, but it sure can make the difference when it comes to staying alive,” Harmon said.

The class will be hosted by the West Chilton Fire Department on May 14 beginning at 9 a.m. The fire department is located at 35085 in Jemison.

The service focuses on residents from the West Chilton area, but anyone is invited to attend the class, which should last about one and a half hours.

Registration is not required, but those attending the class must be at least 18 years old in order to participate.

“If one person’s life is saved, it was all worth it,” Harmon said.

April Abernathy has been involved for the past couple of months helping get the class organized.

She has taken an active shooter class in the past and believes that it can be a helpful experience for anybody.

“The video they show you will definitely get to you,” Abernathy said. “I learned a lot from that class, and I just want others to have that opportunity as well.”

Despite classes offered throughout the area, this is the first time a class will be offered with the focus being solely on the safety of the average resident.

“This is the first time for something like this,” Harmon said. “We will be creating awareness but also learning as we go.”