Hubbard, sheriff, Board of Ed. sued in federal court

Published 3:45 pm Friday, April 1, 2016

Two women involved with the David Hubbard case have filed a federal lawsuit against the former sheriff’s deputy and teacher, along with his two former employers.

The lawsuit alleges that Hubbard, 41, while employed by the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department and the Board of Education, went to the mother’s home of one of the plaintiffs in response to a domestic complaint, and on the night of the incident escorted one of the plaintiffs to the hospital.

After escorting her to the hospital, the lawsuit states Hubbard began texting her, which evolved into a sexual relationship, and Hubbard also provided the plaintiff with alcohol “on multiple occasions.”

A second plaintiff involved in the lawsuit, who was a student at the time at Chilton County High School, claims Hubbard while working as a school resource officer and later substitute teacher, “used his position to make sexual overtures to many female students,” including one of the plaintiffs.

Hubbard allegedly made advances toward the woman at school and began text messaging her outside of school hours.

“On multiple occasions, Hubbard would pick up the plaintiff from various locations and provide her with alcohol,” the lawsuit claims. “Hubbard then engaged in sexual acts with the plaintiff,” with the pattern of activity lasting for approximately one year.

During the two relationships, the lawsuit claims that Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon and the Chilton County Board of Education should have known about Hubbard’s ongoing sexual relationships with minors.

Shearon took office in January 2015, after Hubbard had been arrested, so the incidents referenced in the lawsuit would have occurred prior to Shearon’s time as sheriff.

The lawsuit also alleges that neither the sheriff’s department or board of education did anything to “stop or prevent” Hubbard from continuing these relationships while he was an employee.

As of Friday afternoon, neither Shearon nor Chilton County Superintendent of Education Tommy Glasscock had received a copy of the lawsuit and therefore were unwilling to comment.

A mother of one of the plaintiffs allegedly complained to the sheriff’s department that she and members of her family were “verbally abused, threatened and followed” by members of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department, and the mother and her family feared for their safety based on the behavior of members of the sheriff’s department.

The two plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages, damages for medical and psychological treatment, punitive damages “in an amount necessary to punish Shearon and the BOE for their “illegal and/or wrongful conduct” and sufficient to discourage others from participating in the same or similar conduct.”

The plaintiffs would also like for the costs of the lawsuit to include reasonable attorney’s fees and all other costs of litigation, including, such costs and expenses as expert fees and further equitable relief to which they may be entitled.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Arthur Edge on behalf of the two plaintiffs.

Edge was unavailable for comment on Friday.

Hubbard is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.

In December 2015, Hubbard entered a negotiated guilty plea to rape in the second degree, four counts of a school employee engaging in a sex act with a student under the age of 19, and one count of enticing a child for immoral purposes, according to court records.

Hubbard was originally indicted on 47 counts including 42 felony charges and five misdemeanors.