County votes to move forward with digital development

Published 3:24 pm Monday, March 28, 2016

The Chilton County Commission approved during Monday’s meeting to hire a marketing and design firm that will help with website development.

Me2graphics focuses on government clients and their appointed boards, and has worked with municipal governments, industrial development boards, commercial development authorities, school boards and non-profits, according to the company’s website.

Luke Camara attended Monday’s meeting and said the company will begin a four-phase plan for the county to include a website update, branding, social media and mission statement workshop.

It is a 12-month process and the fee is $27,725, requiring 10-percent down ($2,772.50) and 12 monthly payments of $2,079.37 to be paid out of the commission’s budget.

Commissioners Bobby Agee and Joseph Parnell were absent from Monday’s meeting, and commissioner Joe Headley abstained from the vote.

Headley said his reasoning for abstaining was not having enough information about the company to vote on the measure.

Commissioners Shannon Welch, Allen Caton, Greg Moore and Heedy Hayes voted in favor of hiring me2graphics.

Currently, the county has a website,, but commissioners have discussed in previous meetings the need for digital updates for those looking to find more information about the county.

While me2graphics will provide one service for the county, the commission also voted to approve a contract with David Dyson, who will also work to provide information for economic development.

The commission voted to pay Dyson $3,500 to help the commissioners and other community leaders, “in the area of growth,” for the next three months.

Dyson previously told commissioners he could help the county come up with a “master plan” that could be useful in the governance of the county as well as materials for economic development and content for a website about the plans and opportunities available to residents, businesses or young professionals.

The county is paying $3,500, which is a portion of the cost for Dyson’s work with a matching grant of $3,500 through the Daniel Foundation of Alabama.

Dyson said he would also provide funds to establish a strategic plan for the county.

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama’s mission is to strengthen communities within Alabama and improve the quality of life for citizens from all regions of Alabama, according to the Daniel Foundation’s website.

Commissioner Heedy Hayes asked during the meeting what would happen after the contract with Dyson was up after three months.

“I’m just trying to figure out what will be our obligation to you after the contract ends,” Hayes said. “Are we obligated to you?”

Dyson said there was no obligation for the county to work with him after three months, but he would work within the next 30 days to meet with the commissioners and develop ideas and priorities the commission has for the county.

Headley said he would like to see how much money Dyson’s ideas would bring to the county.

“If his work doesn’t generate us anything, then we don’t have to keep going,” Headley said.

Caton said Dyson’s work was not necessarily going to generate additional revenue but his ideas would help the county grow.

“This might not generate any additional funds right now, but it will generate more business to the county,” Caton said.

Welch said the tools and information Dyson would provide would not only benefit the commission but would benefit other entities throughout the county including the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce and the Chilton County Industrial Development Board.

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