‘Save-A-Seat’ campaign worth supporting

Published 5:07 pm Friday, March 18, 2016

Chilton County schools are anchors of the communities they serve. This fact is obvious at places such as Isabella, Verbena and Maplesville, where the school’s football success—back-to-back state championships—is as much a part of the town’s identity as is hard work and the timber industry.

But the same holds true even in larger communities, such as Clanton and Chilton County High School.

The school is the site of education-related efforts and sporting events, of course, but it also facilitates events for civic clubs and other local organizations.

That’s why we hope the entire community will get behind the CCHS “Save-A-Seat” campaign.

The campaign is to fund a complete overhaul of the school’s auditorium, which was in desperate need of renovations, especially seats that had begun to fall apart. Costs are estimated at $144,000.

Since the facility was constructed in 1962, the auditorium seating has been virtually untouched, aside from minor repairs, leading to deterioration of the seats to the point that some could not be used.

The project will include the steel and wooden frames getting new springs and cushions.

In addition to the seats, the total project cost includes new floor tiling, carpet and improvements to the sound booth.

The auditorium is expected to be ready for use again by May 1.

“We just need approximately $40,000 more,” CCHS Principal Cynthia Stewart estimated. “We need alumni, patrons, friends and community members to help us reach this goal.”

We hope the community heeds her call.