Voter turnout slightly up for Primary Election

Published 2:25 pm Thursday, March 10, 2016

Election officials reported a slightly higher voter turnout throughout Chilton County for the March 1 Primary Election.

“It was a little higher than usual because we had presidential candidates on the ballot,” Chilton County Probate Judge Bobby Martin said.

According to the Chilton County Board of Registrars Office, there were 26,552 total registered voters in the county as of Jan. 31 and 12,051 total ballots cast for a voter turnout of about 45 percent.

Out of those ballots, there were 1,186 (9.84 percent) Democratic ballots and 10,863 (90.14) Republican ballots.

There were two nonpartisan ballots.

Martin said there were no major problems at the polls, but the high number of delegates on the ballot caused confusion for some people.

“I think some people got confused about how they were supposed to vote for the delegates,” Martin said. “We had some ballot hang ups, but other than that, we didn’t really have any issues.”

Provisional ballots were counted on Tuesday, Martin said.

Official numbers for local races in Chilton County, with provisional ballots included were:


District Attorney for the 19th Judicial Circuit (only Chilton County results):

•Randall Houston: 5,858 (62.12 percent)

•Casey Biggs: 3,572 (37.87 percent)


District Court Judge, Chilton County Place No. 1:

•Chris Speaks: 6,323 (63.93 percent)

•Angie Collins Mayfield: 2,081 (21.04 percent)

•Ali Upchurch Garrett: 1,485 (15.01 percent)


Chilton County Commission

•Joseph Parnell: 8,393 (12.01 percent)

•Greg Moore: 8,037 (11.50 percent)

•Jimmie Hardee: 7,449 (10.66 percent)

•Steve Langston: 6,764 (9.68 percent)

•Matt Mims: 6,615 (9.47 percent)

•Joseph (Joe) Headley: 6,159 (8.81 percent)

•Allen Caton: 5,651 (8.09 percent)

•Shannon Welch: 5,493 (7.86 percent)

•Jason Pierce: 4,937 (7.06 percent)

•Jay Smitherman: 4,449 (6.36 percent)

•Shane Ogle: 3,515 (5.03 percent)

•Jeremy Michael Smith: 2,387 (3.41 percent)


Special Election Wet/Dry Referendum

•Yes: 4,552 (59.59 percent)

•No: 3,086 (40.40 percent)