2016 Primary Election Guide

Published 11:21 am Monday, February 29, 2016

Editor’s note: The Clanton Advertiser invited candidates for local offices to submit information about themselves leading up the March 1 Primary Election. Their submissions are below.


Allen Caton (incumbent)


•Campaign website: “Allen Caton” Facebook page

•Age: 61

•Family: wife, Jann Caton; son, Justin Caton (Bridget); daughter, Cyndi (Lake) Gilliland; three grandchildren and one on the way, due in September.

•Education: Graduated from Thorsby High School 1972, studied business at George Wallace Jr. College in Clanton for two years.

•Personal message: I am asking the people of Chilton County to allow me to continue working for them. The past four years have brought many changes for our county, and I am honored to have been a participant. This administration has been recognized with the Excellence in County Government-Rural County Category Award for two consecutive years. This is evidenced through projects such as the airport certification and expansion made possible through millions of dollars in federal grant awards, with expectations of several million dollars more, the receipt of approximately seven million dollars for road and bridge repairs, the construction of a state-of-the art hospital facility offering quality healthcare services through a partnership with St. Vincent’s Health Systems, and a joint venture with the city of Clanton to develop a 530 acre Industrial Park that will provide additional jobs and revenue for our county. Please vote for me on March 1.

Jimmie Hardee


•Age: 47

•Family: wife, Tammy Littleton Hardee; three children, Marlee (Gabby), Cameron, Travis (Taylor Ellison Hardee).

•Education: Associate’s degree in ministry.

•Personal message: My goals are to be a voice for the citizens of Chilton County, work with others on the commission to better serve you, accountability for our tax dollars, work with our local governments to help keep our county safe, and work to bring new revenue ideas to Chilton County. This is in turn will help the road department, schools and economic development.

Joseph J. ‘Joe’ Headley (i)


•Family: wife, Michelle E. Headley; three children.

•Education: attended Verbena High School, graduated from John Patterson Technical College.

•Personal message: As a lifetime citizen, I want to thank you for privilege to serve as your commissioner. My record shows my dedication, I have never missed a public scheduled meeting in my 12 years. My record stands on my morals, integrity and accountability. I provide the minutes from our meetings, which was my platform from day one for accountability. I am the people’s commissioner with an open door policy. Now more than ever it is important for your commissioner to use the funds entrusted to them wisely. Giving me your full support March 1, 2016 will insure that you have a man who understands the importance of stretching limited resources to benefit Chilton County. Being self-employed successfully for 39 years gives me the qualifications to manage a $16 million budget. It will be my honor to continue to serve as your commissioner.

Steve Langston

No information submitted.

Matt Mims


•Age: 38

•Family: wife, Rachel; daughters, Josie, McKinley and Presley; one granddaughter.

•Education: Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Ga.

•Personal message: Life is all about relationships. We need to look at the success of our county from the perspective of relationships. The relationship between the county and its citizens; the relationship between the county commission and the citizens whom we serve; the relationship between our law enforcement and the people whom they are commissioned to protect; the relationship between our economy and the services we provide for our children. I view my relationship to the citizens of Chilton County as a servant; there to serve others by listening to needs, by solving problems and implementing solutions and by building and nurturing strong relationships. A vote for me is a vote for a problem-solver, a relationship builder and above all, a servant to the citizens of Chilton County.

Greg Moore (i)


•Age: 56

•Family: wife, Gail Moore; son, Spencer Moore; daughter-in-law, Hannah Moore; one grandchild.

•Education: Verbena High School graduate.

•Personal message: I am running for re-election for Chilton County Commissioner. I have and will always try to help anyone that has an issue. Your 7 votes will be appreciated.

Shane D. Ogle


•Age: 28

•Family: wife, Christy Latham Ogle; step-son, Dylan Veazey; step-son, Kason Killingsworth; daughter, Mollie Haislyn Ogle.

•Education: 2006 graduate of Maplesville High School.

•Personal message: I believe in Chilton County and its people. Our communities offer beautiful waterways and recreation areas, a vibrant business scene, plentiful places of worship, and the friendliest, hardest working people in the state of Alabama. It is a wonderful place to live and work. To continue our growth and advancement, we must have out-of-the-box thinkers and visionaries using better technology, hard work, and common sense to guide us into our future. That’s what I believe I offer Chilton County. I want to be a servant of our people. I will work daily to look out for our best interests and help create an environment of economic expansion, keeping local taxes low and our way of life healthy. I look forward to representing you on the Chilton County Commission. Remember to vote seven times for Shane Ogle in the upcoming election. Thank you and God bless you.

Joseph Parnell (i)


•Age: 41

•Family: wife, Jodi R. Parnell; son, Jack; and daughter, Jenna Parnell.

•Education: BS in business administration from the University of Alabama.

•Personal message: I am Joseph Parnell and I was appointed to serve you as county commissioner just over two years ago. I am married to Jodi Parnell and we have two children, Jack and Jenna. I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in business administration and for the last 16 years I have managed Parnell Inc., a family owned business in Maplesville. Since becoming a commissioner I have served as the liaison for the sheriff’s department and EMA. I have worked diligently to bring jobs to our county because growing Chilton County is the only way to improve our roads, schools, sheriff’s department and other county services. I have experience managing one of the largest privately owned businesses in our county and have brought real world business experience to county government. Please vote for Joseph Parnell for county commissioner so that we can continue to grow Chilton County together.

Jason D. Pierce


•Campaign website: voteforjasonpierce.com

•Family: wife, Heather S. Pierce; daughter, Ryleigh; son, Collins.

•Education: 2003 Chilton County High School graduate, NCM Institute.

•Personal message: I am blessed to be a life-long resident of Chilton County. Doubly blessed to be able to exercise my constitutional right to Pursue Happiness—to raise my family, to work, and to exercise my faith, all here in the county that I love! I believe that government should be small enough not to burden the very citizens it’s supposed to serve. Yet, government should be effective enough to defend and to promote the greatest of opportunities for each person who desires to work and to live free. We are a growing county and with that comes the need for effective, efficient, and creative solutions from all levels of government. It would be an honor to serve you if you would allow me to be a part of the solution needed in government. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 1st.

Jeremy Michael Smith


•Website: www.facebook.com/jeremymichaelsmithforchiltoncountycommission

•Age: 39

•Family: wife, Dawn Smith; children, Alexsis Fuson and Preston Smith.

•Education: Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in Science, both from Troy University, Licensed Professional Counselor.

•Personal Message: From my service in the United States Marines to opening a business in Chilton County, I have been serving the majority of my life. I would love to continue my service to this community by being elected to the Chilton County Commission. One of my goals is to provide transparency to the community by keeping you informed and being assessable to not only listen, but also hear your needs and concerns. I bring several things to the commission: leadership, effective time management, forward thinking, an understanding of business and strong management skills. I love this community and want to see it grow and prosper for my children and grandchildren. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or if you would like to know more about me. I want to personally ask each of you for your vote, support and prayers on March 1, 2016.

Jay Smitherman


•Website: www.facebook.com/jaysmithermancommissioner

•Age: 41

•Family: wife, Deidre Smitherman; children, Eric, Brittney and Jayden.

•Education: Graduated from Chilton County High School in 1994.

•Personal Message: I understand why many of our commissioners are focused on bringing more revenue to our county. However, after working with the County Road Department for several years, I know there are ways to use the money we already have more wisely. I have seen first hand why our roads are in the condition they are in. I would bring to the commissioner office my 20 years of excavating and road building experience, and would strive to make our roads not only smoother, but safer for everyone driving on them. I appreciate your support and seven votes March 1.

Shannon Welch (i)


•Age: 31

•Family: wife, Amy; daughter, Ella; and son, Owen.

•Education: Graduated Jemison High School in 2002.

•Personal message: Over the last four years, I have worked diligently to lay a foundation for this county to provide a better quality of life for its citizens. I worked as the liaison between the commission and the Health Care Authority, helped lead the charge in purchasing an industrial development park to recruit jobs for this county, and helped bring the municipalities and county together to work to provide good, well paying jobs to this county.

I believe jobs are the only way for this county to succeed. Jobs bring the house tops, and house tops bring the retail. I want my son and daughter to grow up here, get a good education here, and get a well-paying job here. If we are going to provide better opportunities for our kids, we have got to continue providing a foundation for that. I ask for your prayers, vote, and support on March 1.


Chris Speaks


•Campaign website: Chris Speaks for District Judge Facebook page

•Age: 50

•Family: wife, Janine Speaks; son, Taylor; daughters, Katherine and Lilly Speaks.

•Education: Jones School of Law, University of Alabama and Chilton High School.

•Personal Message: The decisions made by our District Court are important and something I take very seriously. This is why our next District Judge needs to be a person of principal. Someone who will interpret law and not make law from the bench. They need to have a strong command of the law, and be measured and thoughtful in their decisions. These decisions affect the lives of individuals and families in a real way and can have a major impact on the future of our youngest and most vulnerable. If we don’t act and elect leaders with strong values and principles our children and grandchildren will grow up in a world void of the values that we are accustom to. I will work hard to protect the most innocent and I would be honored to have your vote.

Angie Mayfield


•Campaign website: “Angie Avery Mayfield District Judge” Facebook page

•Age: 44

•Family: husband, Shane Mayfield; daughters, Bella Collins and Libby Cate Collins; stepson, Logan Mayfield; and stepdaughter, Anna Grace Mayfield.

•Education: BS degree from Samford University 1999 and Thomas Goode Jones School of Law 2005.

•Personal Message: I am Angie Mayfield. Chilton County is my home. I am the proud daughter of the late Jerry Avery and Nancy Avery Lacey. I am a lifelong resident of our great county. My husband Shane and I along with our children are proud to call this place home. The District Court Judge hears many cases involving children and their families. That is where my heart is when it comes to the law. In fact, that is why I became a lawyer in the first place. For me being judge is humbling. It is not about power or winning and losing or being right. It is about discerning the truth in a matter so that justice be rightly applied. Justice denied anyone jurist us all. I appreciate your prayers, your support and your vote March 1 as we together work to make a difference here, at home.

Ali Garrett


•Campaign website: www.garrettforjudge.com

•Age: 35

•Family: husband, John Garrett; son, Fitz Garrett.

•Education: Graduated from Thompson High School in 1998; graduated from UAB in 2002 with a Bachelor Arts in political science and minor in philosophy; graduated from Cumberland School of Law with Juris Doctorate in 2005.

•Personal message: Since moving to Chilton County in 2005, I have come to love this county, its people and the atmosphere. I am very involved in the community as a board member of Kiwanis Club, secretary of the Children’s Policy Council, member of the Chamber of Commerce and secretary of the Chilton County Bar Association. I have an extensive district court law practice, and have had a contract with the state of Alabama in juvenile dependency cases since 2007. I have represented 300 families under that contract, in addition to my retained cases. I will apply the law fairly and impartially in all cases and promise to uphold the integrity of the judicial system if I am elected. I appreciate your vote on March 1 and look forward to seeing you.


Casey Biggs


•Campaign Website: casey4da.com

•Age: 33

•Family: husband, Brandon Bates.

•Education: Prattville High School, Auburn University, Jones School of Law.

•Personal Message: I am a citizen of Chilton County. My husband, Brandon Bates, and the whole Bates family are lifelong citizens of Chilton County. This is my home. I love this place and the people in it. Chilton County deserves a District Attorney who cares about them, and wants to make their home a better place. You deserve a DA that makes sure violent criminals don’t get sweetheart plea deals, and a hands-on DA who is in the courtroom fighting for you. One who leads from her feet, not from her seat. You deserve a DA who has an open door, who is willing to talk to you. For the first time in 18 years, you have a choice in who is your DA. It is time for change. I’m asking you to elect me as your next District Attorney.

Randall V. Houston (i)


•Age: 61

•Family: wife, Stacey S. Houston; daughter, Roni Houston Nixon.

•Education: J.D. University of Alabama.

•Personal Message: As a prosecutor, Randall has an impressive 92-percent conviction rate when it comes to combating crime. Randall’s fellow district attorney’s across the state selected him as the 2012 “Prosecutor of the Year” in Alabama. To keep our lakes safe, Randall wrote the “Homicide by Vessel” law that punishes boaters and jet skiers who kill while operating under the influence.

A former director of the Central Alabama Drug Task Force, Randall is fighting a front-line battle against the narcotics trade in our area. Randall Houston has dedicated his entire career to fighting crime in the street and prosecuting criminal in the courtroom. Keep fighting crime with District Attorney Randall Houston.