BBA releases data regarding job growth in Chilton County

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, February 4, 2016

Data released in January shows an increase in jobs and capital investments in Chilton County from 2011-2015, that compares favorably to neighboring counties.

“We looked at the recently released chart as a success for Chilton County,” said Industrial Development Coordinator Fred Crawford.

The Birmingham Business Alliance released data showing the number of jobs and capital investments in several counties, including Chilton County.

According to the information released by the BBA, Chilton County had 956 jobs either announced or additions made at existing businesses over a period of five years.

“These were jobs that were either announced or added to, but not both,” Crawford said. “For example, Merchants Foodservice announced the addition of 55 jobs, but they are still in the process of hiring for those jobs as their expansion is not complete.”

The capital invested in Chilton County was $168.2 million, indicating additions to buildings or the purchase of equipment for a particular industry.

“When Kumi Manufacturing spent $2 million on an addition to their facility, that money was added to the amount of capital invested,” Crawford said. “During that same time, Taylor-Made Lumber Company in Maplesville bought 10 18-wheeler trucks for their distribution.”

“In their data collection and reporting each year, the Chilton County Industrial Development Board supplies the BBA with information as do other counties development agencies,” Crawford said. “The BBA is the regional Chamber of Commerce for the Birmingham Metropolitan area and Chilton County is included in that. They are the designated resource for the state economic development for industry.”

The results from other counties included in the data were:

•Bibb County with 287 jobs and $13.6 million capital invested.

•Blount County with 89 jobs and $2 million capital invested.

•Jefferson County with 8,692 jobs and $2.2 billion capital invested.

•City of Birmingham with 5,532 jobs and $1.3 billion capital invested.

•Shelby County with 1,204 jobs and $156.7 million capital invested.

•St. Clair County with 1,094 jobs and $121.5 million capital invested.

•Walker County with 1,316 jobs and $232.9 million capital invested.

“Throughout industrial development circles, it is basically thought of that 75 percent of new jobs and capital additions are from existing businesses expansion,” Crawford said. “In the case of Chilton County, we did not have the infrastructure or industrial parks for new businesses. This chart shows that the businesses we do have are pleased with the workforce and their location because they have expanded.

With the new industrial park, we should have increases in our numbers over the next five years in new industries.”