City votes to create utility ordinance

Published 12:29 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The city of Jemison unanimously voted on Monday to consolidate several ordinances into one utility ordinance.

Mayor Eddie Reed explained to the council that the ordinances for water, sewer and garbage would be combined into one utility ordinance.

“Right now, if someone asks about an amended portion of one of the ordinances, it takes a while to find all of the information,” Reed said. “Having it all in one document will make it easier on the clerk. We are not passing any new information, just consolidating the three ordinances into one.”

Reed said he also anticipated having the new utility ordinance put on the city’s website for residents to be able to access.

Council members voted in favor to adopt the utility ordinance.

Reed also updated the council on County Road 42, a state-approved project.

“We are getting some good information regarding the status of the project,” Reed said. “Weather is still a problem, but you may have noticed the markings on County Road 42 where they have started marking rough places they will dig up.”

Reed said there was an issue that came up regarding a culvert that runs under the road that looked to be caving in, but the culvert was left off the original plans for the project.

Once the project begins, the contractors will be allowed 90 working days to complete the project, according to ALDOT.

The length of the project is 4.341 miles.

The council voted to pay all necessary bills and approved the minutes from the Jan. 4 council meeting.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, the council met in executive session to discuss strategy in preparation for negotiations between two governmental bodies.

There was no action taken after the executive session reconvened into regular session.