New police car arrives in Maplesville

Published 4:46 pm Monday, January 25, 2016

The Maplesville Police Department’s new patrol car was delivered on Friday and the process to get the car outfitted will begin.

The car is a 2015 Black Dodge Charger that was purchased for $23,878 and delivered by Tallassee Automotive.

The price for the vehicle was lower than the original estimate, but has yet to factor another estimated $5,000 needed to outfit the vehicle to be used for police business.

“Since it was a 2015 on the lot, they were able to drop off some [of the price],” Maplesville Town Clerk Dawn Smitherman said.

A specific time has not been determined as to when the vehicle will hit the streets.

According to Smitherman, Emergency Lighting By Haynes in Montgomery has been used in the past and will be used once again to add the lights and siren to the car.

The vehicle will replace a car that was totaled during a recent car chase.

Mayor W.C. Hayes Jr. also continues to research the cost of buying or renting a bucket truck for use around the town.

According to Smitherman, a truck was coming up for bid through Alabama Power, and Hayes Jr. was going to see what that truck sold for in order to gain a better understanding of how much it would cost compared to renting one.

The primary uses would be to put up and take down Christmas decorations, as well jobs such as trimming trees throughout town.

In recent years, Maplesville has borrowed a bucket truck from various outfits. However, it can create certain delays, as the Christmas decorations were not taken down until last week.

“When you borrow from somebody, first you have to ask and then it might be a while because their schedule may not coincide with your schedule,” Smitherman said.