Jemison adopts firearms amended directive

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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The Jemison City Council unanimously voted Monday to amend a portion of the Jemison Police Department’s directive manual regarding carrying firearms.

Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer told the council the change includes a section regarding secondary weapons for police officers within the department.

“We were able to purchase 11 guns for officers to be able to carry a weapon with them at all times,” Fulmer said. “This provides a backup for officers that are on duty, but it also allows off-duty officers to carry a weapon in case something happens. I am all about people needing a firearm if they know how to use a gun, and these guys know how to use the guns.”

Fulmer said the guns are 9-millimeter Glock pistols and are easy to conceal.

Fulmer clarified for the Council that on-duty police officers within the department already carry a gun, but the amended portion of the directive would allow-off duty officers to also carry a gun.

“It is just a way for them to be prepared in the event something happens,” Fulmer said. “If there was a situation that came up where they needed to act quickly, they would be prepared and know how to use a gun.”

All secondary weapons must be approved by the chief, according to the directive.

Other details of the directive include:

•No member of the Jemison Police Department will carry a secondary weapon unless he/she has been trained and qualified in its use.

•It will be the responsibility of the officer to seek training and qualification with a secondary weapon with the department’s firearms instructor.

•Handguns classified as secondary weapons are to be utilized as back up weapons to the primary weapon, in such cases as the primary weapon fails, is lost, stolen, or seized by another person during an altercation or incident.

•The secondary weapon can either be a revolver or pistol in caliber .38, 9 millimeter, or .40 caliber. The barrel should be no longer than 4 inches or shorter than 2 inches.

•Officers must demonstrate safe loading and unloading techniques as well as safe handling and operation techniques with the secondary weapon. Mechanical reliability of the weapon must be demonstrated during the qualification course of the secondary weapon.

•No Derringer type of weapon will be authorized as a secondary weapon.

•At all times, the secondary weapon will be carried in a concealed manner out of public view.

•Secondary weapons will require qualification at least one time a year.

•Ammunition for secondary and off-duty weapons will be the responsibility of the officer.

The council unanimously voted to adopt the directive on secondary weapons.

In other news, the council:

•Voted to approve the minutes from the previous council meeting.

•Voted to pay all necessary bills.