Road department to pave new road near Clanton schools

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Chilton County Road Department will partner with the Chilton County Board of Education and city of Clanton to improve traffic near Chilton County High School.

Superintendent Tommy Glasscock spoke to members of the Chilton County Commission during the regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 14 regarding the opportunity to work with the county.

“Our traffic in and around our Clanton schools has been chaotic,” Glasscock said.

Glasscock said he met with the city of Clanton and county engineer Tony Wearren to discuss the possibility of working to improve a road near the Clanton schools or Clanton “complex.”

Wearren said the road Glasscock was referring to is not officially a road, but a “trail” near Clanton Middle School and the east side of the football stadium.

“It isn’t really a road, but what we will be doing is widening the road and paving it so that school traffic can go on that road and avoid spilling out to U.S. Highway 31,” Wearren said. “It will hopefully improve the traffic flow during the early morning hours and after school.”

Wearren said the road would also be used in the future for visiting football teams playing at Chilton County High School.

Wearren said the work being done on the road is not expected to take more than a few weeks, and he will utilize his construction crew when they are not working on county road projects.

“This will basically be work we will be doing that will not interfere with our other projects,” Wearren said. “It shouldn’t take long to complete at all.”

Although there is not a definite time of when the road will be completed, Wearren estimates it could be completed sometime during the winter.

“The problem we are running into is the weather,” Wearren said. “We will just work to complete it when we have weather that will allow us to finish it up, but we should have it completed this winter.”