Santa to visit Thorsby on Christmas Eve

Published 4:58 pm Friday, December 18, 2015

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By Anna Adams | Special to the Advertiser

Santa Claus is coming to town—and more specifically, he’s coming to Thorsby.

This Christmas Eve, off-duty volunteers from the Thorsby Fire Department will join Santa on his annual route through Thorsby between 5:30 p.m. and about 8 p.m.

St. Nick will climb atop a fire truck to make his visit around Thorsby just a few hours before he climbs in his sleigh to deliver presents around the world.

This year marks the 14th year that Santa and the TFD have put on this event, which has come to be called the Santa Run.

Santa has also planned to make scheduled stops for pictures this year. The stop schedule is as follows:

•5:45 p.m.: Robinson Lane and Deer Drive

•5:50 p.m.: 421 Frank St.

•6:10 p.m.: 8401 Jones St.

•6:30 p.m.: 60 Kaitlyn Drive

•6:45 p.m.: Howard St.

•7:15 p.m.: 25 Peachtree Drive

•7:45 p.m.: Wilson Circle and Glen Drive

•7:45 p.m.: Medical Center Drive

Thorsby Fire Department reminds residents to not call 911 to inquire about Santa; they can call the Thorsby Fire Station at (205) 646-3725.

Residents of Thorsby will also be able to stop by town hall or fire station to view Santa’s schedule.

If there is inclement weather, residents may visit Santa at the Thorsby Fire Station from 6-7 p.m.

If there is inclement weather after Santa has begun his route, he will return to the fire station and will be available for approximately one hour after returning.

TFD also reminds residents that Santa will be riding emergency vehicles that are on duty and on call.

If an emergency occurs, the vehicles will have to respond, Thorsby Fire Chief Lee Gunn said..

“In this case, we will make every effort to continue with Santa, but the emergency situation takes priority,” Gunn said. “We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to have. Santa visit as many neighborhoods and streets as possible.”

Santa has a big night planned after his visit in Thorsby, so he will have to be moving quickly. Make sure to check the schedule below to find out when Santa will be by your house.

Engine 31—East Thorsby

•5:30 p.m.: Fire station, Minnesota Ave.., Adams St., Montana Ave.., Highway 31, Third St., Second Frank St.

•5:50 p.m.: 241 Frank St., Cherokee Road, Nacy St., Third St., Kyle St., Cherokee Road, Village Drive, Third St., Peterson Ave., Oak St., Joyland

•6:30 p.m.: 60 Kaitlyn Drive, Oak St., Highway 31

•6:45 p.m.: Howard St., Peterson Ave.., Franklin St., Susan Lane, Franklin St.

•7 p.m.: Price Drive, Franklin St., Julia Circle, Franklin St., Rebecca Drive, Franklin St., Mississippi Ave., Keem St., Mississippi Ave., Franklin St., Peterson Ave., Jones St. to Drill Field, Collins Chapel Road, Cross Creel Trail, Collins Chapel Road, Lincoln St. East, Davis St., Lincoln St. East, 854 Lincoln St. East, Peterson Ave.., Second Wilson Circle

•7:25 p.m.: 854 Lincoln St. East, Peterson Ave., Second Wilson Circle

•7:45 p.m.: Wilson Circle and Glen Drive, Peterson Ave.., Wilson Circle, Glen Drive, Peterson Ave., Crumpton St., Peterson Ave.., Lincoln St. East, Indiana Ave., Mary St., Franklin St., Church St., Summit Ave., Highway 31, Michigan Ave., Jefferson St., Wisconsin Ave., Jones St., Highway 31, Jackson St., Michigan Ave., Jones St.

Engine 32—West Thorsby

•5:30 p.m.: Fire Station, Minnesota Ave., Highway 31, Concordia St., Montgomery Ave., West Medical Center Drive, Hayes St., West Medical Center Drive, Yardley Trailer Park

•5:45 p.m.: Robinson Lane and Deer Drive, Co. Road 219, Beasley Road, Montgomery Ave., Lincoln St. West, South Dakota Road, Cleveland St., Dakota Road, Montgomery Ave., Jones St., South Dakota Road, Franklin St., Dakota Road, Jones St.

•6:10 p.m.: 8401 Jones St.

•6:45 p.m.: Franklin St., Tuscaloosa Road, Spearman Drive, County Road 74, Alabama Ave., Bagget Road

•6:55 p.m.: 6385 Bagget Road, Highway 31, Concordia St., Alabama Ave.

•7:15 p.m.: 25 Peachtree Drive, Alabama Ave., Dakota Road, 275 Dakota Road, Concordia St.

•7:35 p.m.: Chilton St., Dakota Road, Franklin St., Highway 31, Iowa Ave., Martin St., North Dakota Road, Medical Center Drive, Leigh Drive, Medical Center Drive, Watson Drive

•7:45 p.m.: Medical Center Drive, North Dakota Road, Lincoln St. East, Robin St., Adams St., Kristin Drive, Iowa Ave.., Pits St., Indiana Ave.., County Road 871, Lincoln St. East, Peterson Ave.., Jones St.

For more information, call the Thorsby Fire Department at (205) 646-3725.

For emergencies, call 911.