County creates new procedure for board appointments

Published 9:40 am Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Chilton County Commission voted Monday to set up a new procedure for appointing individuals to various county boards.

The decision came after commissioners thought the process of nominating and appointing individuals to county boards could allow everyone time to know who was being appointed.

“The people on these boards are the people who are getting things done in this county,” commissioner Shannon Welch said. “I think it would be good for us to know who we are appointing to serve on the boards.”

Typically, commissioners would receive a nomination from members on a board to a board, vote to accept the nomination, and vote at the following commission meeting to appoint the individual to a specific board.

If any commissioner had a recommendation for a person on a board, they had the option to nominate and appoint that person.

Commissioner Joseph Parnell suggested spreading the process out over a period of three weeks to allow commissioners enough time to know more about the individuals being appointed to the boards.

“If we made it last to a third meeting, we wouldn’t have any surprise nominations,” Parnell said. “We would know who is going on a board.”

Parnell made a motion to set up a new procedure with a nomination period for individuals to certain boards to last for two meetings and at the end of the second meeting the nominations are closed. Parnell said at the third meeting commissioners would vote for who should be appointed to a board.

Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the motion.

Earlier in the meeting, commissioners had three separate motions to appoint or nominate individuals to certain boards.

Commissioners clarified that the motion made by Parnell would not affect the three motions approved during the meeting on Monday.

The three motions included:

•Approved a nomination for Jane Mason to served on the Chilton-Clanton Public Library Board in place of Eddie Reed.

•Approved a motion to re-appoint Sue McKinney to serve on the Chilton-Clanton Public Library Board.

•Approved a nomination for Bobby Martin to serve on the Mental Health Board of Chilton and Shelby counties.

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