Commission honors county administrator

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Chilton County Commission honored county administrator Connie Powell during the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday.

Billy Singleton with the Chilton County Airport Authority presented a plaque to Powell at the beginning of the meeting on behalf of the Airport Authority thanking her for the work she does as a county administrator.

“We want to say thank you in a small way for all of the things you do for us,” Singleton said. “Without you, a lot of the things that happen at the airport wouldn’t be possible. You are always there with a smile and willing to help. You also always have an answer, even though it may not be the answer we always like.”

Singleton presented the plaque to Powell in front of the commissioners with all of the commissioners applauding Powell.

Commissioner Shannon Welch said the commission also wanted to thank Powell for the work she does for the commission.

“Connie does an outstanding job for the county and the commission,” Welch said. “She always seems to pull everything together. There are a lot of times when she works a lot of weekends and a lot of nights, and she puts in way more hours than what she gets paid for.”

Welch said commissioners pitched in personal funds and decided to purchase a night at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery with a spa package for Powell to thank her for the work she does.

Powell thanked everyone for the kind words and the gifts.

In August 2015, Powell was recognized by the ACCA Board of Directors for completing the requirements to obtain certification to be a Certified County Administrator.

The designation mandates a minimum of three years of experience as a county administrator as well as the completion of numerous county government and professional development courses.

Powell was also required to complete a series of continuing education requirements to maintain the designation.

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