Find the passion and connect a community

Published 10:36 am Monday, November 2, 2015

Sports is fueled by the passion of fans, and what better place to experience this passion than in the South.

Southerners have a tendency to overflow with passion in nearly everything that they do, which includes the teams that they root for.



I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fla. and have experienced my share of passionate fan bases. Throughout the year, there are plenty of chances to claim bragging rights and none more evident than the annual gridiron showdown between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs.

As I grew up, such events created a fascination inside of me and I knew early on that I wanted to surround myself with the electric atmosphere that only a sporting event can provide.

I graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor degree in communication with a concentration in journalism. During this time, my interest in covering sports as a career never waned.

As I searched for jobs, Alabama stood out as a state that was bursting with an intriguing sports culture that has remained consistent over the years.

This was similar to my native Jacksonville and set up an easy, and in many cases relatable, transition between the two.

Jacksonville and Clanton, one city I had known my entire life and the other a completely new experience. However, each shares its own deep connection with the sports world.

As long as there is passion to go around, there will be stories to write and events to cover. My goal is to translate the current landscape into the form of a story that will engage the people of Clanton and fuel future passion.

After just a short time, I have already experienced the sense of community pride, having covered Isabella’s trip to the state quarterfinals and Chilton County’s victory in its football regular season finale.

I appreciate the warm welcome that I have received and look forward to making the citizens proud and connected through my work.

Anthony Richards is a staff writer for The Clanton Advertiser. He can be reached at