County hires new park ranger

Published 3:13 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Commissioners voted Monday to hire a new park ranger at Higgins Ferry Park.

Chilton County Parks and Recreation Manager Gerald Arrington recommended the commission hire Derrick Collum for the position.

Arrington said he conducted numerous interviews for the position after receiving 16 applications and narrowed his search down to three candidates.

Arrington provided the list of the three candidates to commissioners with his recommendation for them to hire Collum.

Commissioners unanimously voted to approve Arrington’s request to hire Collum, who should begin working later this week.

In September, Arrington told commissioners park ranger Jacob Sim would be leaving the position to pursue another career.

Commissioner Shannon Welch said in September he would like to see the position’s salary increase to $30,000.

Welch said it was hard to get qualified people to live at the park by themselves for $25,000.

Commissioner Bobby Agee said he would have liked to see the salary request come from Arrington and not Welch, and asked Arrington if he was OK with the salary increase.

Arrington said he thought it would be good to have a salary range depending on the applicants and the amount of experience.

Sim was present at the meeting on Monday, and commissioners thanked him for the work he did as the park ranger at Higgins Ferry.

“I want to commend him for the work he has done at the park,” Welch said. “You have done a great job.”

Commission Chairman Allen Caton echoed Welch’s statements, saying he always heard good reports about the park.

“You really did a great job,” Caton said.

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