Local café to show appreciation to city sanitation workers

Published 4:41 pm Friday, October 23, 2015

By Ashley Burks | Special to the Advertiser

Many may never think twice about sanitation workers unless their garbage cans are left in the street.

But what would individuals do without them?

Everyone benefits from these city employees and Bernard’s House of Blues wants to show these workers how much they are appreciated.

Bernard’s House of Blue’s is a fairly new business in the Clanton area located at the old Café Firenze location at 200 Town Mart.

National recording artist, Deidra from Deidra and The Ruff Pro Band said she was given the opportunity to build up the business of Bernard’s House of Blues, but the first thing she wanted to do was show appreciation to the sanitation workers in the Clanton area.

“We want to bring awareness to Bernard’s House of Blues, but we also want to give back to the community,” Deidra said. “How many people do anything for those guys? They work hard to make the city of Clanton beautiful and they are overlooked by far.”

The work of sanitation workers can easily be overlooked because most trash, garbage, and litter pickup is done while many residents are at work or school.

Thousands of pounds of trash are picked up weekly from the Clanton area and the job in itself can be hazardous.

Operating heavy machinery and maneuvering in and out of dangerous traffic are just some of the duties held by the sanitation workers of the city and Deidra wants those workers to have the opportunity to relax, listen to great music, and enjoy great food. “I had the opportunity to speak with Dale and one of the receptionist with the Sanitation Department and they were excited and very grateful,” Deidra said.

Bernard’s House of Blue’s will be showing their appreciation and giving back to the city sanitation workers on Nov. 21.

The exact time will be given at a later date.