Thorsby working to enforce garbage ordinance

Published 3:04 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The town of Thorsby is hoping to strictly enforce an ordinance about garbage cans.

During the regularly scheduled meeting Monday, Mayor Jean Nelson said the town is having issues with people not complying with the ordinance that was passed in 2013.

Nelson said in the future, if anyone is found to be violating the ordinance, the town will write down the addresses and tag the individuals not complying.

Individuals are allowed three garbage cans per house, which can be no larger than 35 gallons each.

Those who are found to not be complying will not have their garbage picked up.

All containers and bins must be taken back to the residence after pick-up and not left at the road.

Nelson said Monday they want people to put the trash in smaller containers so it won’t be hard on the men picking up the trash.

The council also voted to allow Montana Avenue in Thorsby to be paved for less than $15,000 at the request of Public Works Director Terry Jackson.

The council unanimously voted to approve the request.

Council member Nicole Fuller was absent from the meeting.

The council also voted to allow Wayne Nelson to make repairs to paving a portion of a subdivision he owns at his expense, and come back to the town at a later date to ask them to dedicate the road to the town.

Currently, Nelson maintains the road, but once he gives the road to the town they would maintain the road.

Nelson, who is married to Jean Nelson, told the council when he started the subdivision in 1998, the town didn’t have any subdivision regulations.

Nelson said in 2005, the town made subdivision regulations, but his street never got dedicated to the town.

Now, repairs need to be made to a portion of the street, but Nelson would like to have the subdivision dedicated to the town.

Jean Nelson excused herself from the discussion while the council decided what should be done.

The council decided that after Wayne Nelson makes the repairs to the road, he can come back and ask the city to dedicate the street to the town.

Council member Marvin Crumpton also excused himself from the vote due to being related to Nelson.

The council also approved the minutes from the Oct. 5 meeting and voted to pay all necessary bills.