County approves land for E-911 office

Published 1:51 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chilton County E-911 could have a new office building after a vote by the Chilton County Commission approved a portion of land for E-911 to use.

Commission Chairman Allen Caton told commissioners Monday there was roughly an acre and a half near the right side of the Chilton County Jail that could be used to have a multi-purpose building for E-911 to use as a new office.

Caton said the office would also house Chilton County EMA director Derrick Wright’s office, the sheriff could use the building for office space, and the Chilton County Volunteer Firefighters Association could use the building for meetings.

“This would still be a county building,” Caton said. “911 currently has about $175,000 they could put toward constructing the building.”

Commissioner Shannon Welch said he thought the idea was “awesome.”

Currently, E-911’s office is housed on the bottom floor of the Chilton County Courthouse.

Commissioners unanimously voted to allow E-911 permission to build a building on the property.

Commissioners also voted to allow Chilton County Parks and Recreation Manager Gerald Arrington permission to advertise and hire for the park ranger position at Higgins Ferry Park.

Arrington told commissioners park ranger Jacob Sim is leaving the position to pursue another career.

“He has done a really good job,” Arrington told commissioners. “I want to keep that momentum going.”

Welch said he would like to see the position’s salary increase to $30,000.

“It is hard to get qualified people to live down there by themselves for $25,000,” Welch said. “I think it would be good to increase the salary.”

Commissioner Bobby Agee said he would have liked to see the salary request come from Arrington and not Welch, and asked Arrington if he was OK with the salary increase.

“I think it would be good to have a salary range depending on the applicants and the amount of experience,” Arrington said. “I would like to post the job as soon as possible. Jake has agreed to stay for a reasonable amount of time. He knows the job has to be posted for the next four weeks. Depending on who we hire, they may have to work out a two weeks’ notice. I would like for them to spend about a week training with Jake.”

Welch said he would like to thank Sim for the courtesy he gave the county.

Commissioners unanimously voted to give Arrington permission to advertise to hire for a new park ranger at Higgins Ferry Park.

Arrington will conduct the interviews with the applicants and bring back his recommendations to the commission.

In a separate motion, commissioners voted to allow Arrington to negotiate a salary range capping at $30,000.

Commissioners Caton, Welch, Joseph Parnell, Greg Moore and Joe Headley voted in favor.

Commissioners Agee and Heedy Hayes voted against the motion.

In June 2014 commissioners voted to hire Sim for the park ranger position.

Sim filled the position previously filled by Frank Atkinson, who was the park manager at Higgins Ferry Park.

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