School administrator publishes spiritual book

Published 3:58 pm Friday, September 4, 2015

By Whitney Denson | Special to the Advertiser

Veteran and school administrator Dwight Swindle is now adding “published author” to his resume.

“52 Messages of Wisdom” is a spiritual book that offers short, insightful sermons for each week of the year.

Swindle said the idea for the book took form while he was serving in the United States Army and had little access to God’s word.



“I would listen to the Bible on tape, but it was hard when you don’t get to go to church on Sundays,” Swindle said. “I wanted to make something that would give people those weekly sermons they might be missing out on.”

The spiritual book is roughly 12 years in the making, Swindle said, as he began constructing his messages in 2003.

Although the progress of the book came slowly, Swindle said God’s timing is perfect on the publishing and release of the text.

“It deals with a lot of everyday type situations. I focus a lot on being humble, laying your burdens on God, and dealing with mistreatment from others,” Swindle said. “Deliverance, love, faith, children and marriage are some of the recurring topics in the book.”

While the material is suitable for those in the military, the messages provided can be relatable to everyone, according to Swindle.

“I see a lot of people lost in today’s world,” Swindle said. “God gave me the wisdom on how to approach the messages and reach those people.”

In addition to those in the military, Swindle said he hopes to send copies of the book to professional athletes and other influential figures whose schedules make it difficult to attend church regularly. In hopes of reaching others who have the power of spreading the word of God, Swindle attempted to write to a “universal” crowd, which is God’s kingdom.

Swindle served in the army for 24 years, with four years in active duty.

Since then, Swindle has served as a schools administrator and is currently the director of the Chilton County Pass Academy.

His journey through salvation began long before either of his careers, though, as he was saved at 10 years old, in 1977.

Swindle was a follower of Bishop W.C. Hunter, one of the founders of the World’s Church of the Living God.

“Bishop Hunter used to say someone needs to put these messages in a book, and God called me to do it,” Swindle said. “I said, ‘Lord, if you can use anything, use me,’ and he did.”

Swindle is currently a member of the World’s Church of the Living God in Clanton, located at 1205 Second Avenue North in Clanton.

“52 Messages of Wisdom” may be purchased on or

“People spend thousands of dollars every year on self-help books and therapy, when they really just need to look back into God’s word,” Swindle said. “These messages take examples from God’s word to build on it, and hopefully help people overcome everyday obstacles.

“My main goal is to help readers study through the week and grow spiritually. It’s what I’ve been called to do.”

A book signing event will be held at 4 p.m. Sept. 10 at Jemison City Hall.