Hopeful for a successful school year

Published 3:17 pm Monday, August 24, 2015

The beginning of school is upon us. Some parents are happy because they will get a break from their children and save money from being eaten out of house and home.

Children are happy because they will get a break from their parents and get a chance to enjoy friends that they have not spoken to since the closing of school in May of last year.



Teachers are happy because they get a chance to see “their babies” and be challenged again of why they chose education as a profession in the first place.

Teachers understand that children are forced to deal with situations involving domestic abuse, no food to eat, emotional abuse, low self worth, divorce of parents, homelessness, nothing to wear, thoughts of suicide, despair, and their need to be loved and appreciated. Teachers understand that children need someone to help guide them to develop their hidden talents and abilities.

Teachers understand that discipline is a “hard sell” but necessary to help students remain focused regardless of the obstacles that confront them.

Teachers understand that if they do not stand in the gap for children, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and violence awaits them at every turn.

Teachers understand that white children, black children, Hispanic and Asian children, children in poverty, and children suffering from health and mental health problems need an advocate to help them through the difficulties of childhood.

Teachers understand that children who do not receive the necessary skills and training to succeed in life are potential candidates for the prison system that cost taxpayers millions of dollars that we as a society cannot afford.

Teachers and administrators have a tough job and are beaten up throughout the school year, which can take its emotional toll over time.

Remember to stay in prayer, remain humble, exercise to burn up the negative effects of stress, and communicate effectively with parents.

Develop positive relationships with parents and let them hear good things about their children before anything negative comes up.

Last but not least, this summer Gov. Robert Bentley made the decision to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State Capital in Montgomery.

Some feel one way about the flag and others feel another way, causing emotions to run high on both sides of the issue.

I want to encourage and admonish our teachers and administrators not to allow this issue to disturb the educational process in a negative way, and be vigilant as the opening of a new school year is upon us.

As an educator, I think that it can serve as a great opportunity for open academic dialogue among students trying to get a better understanding of the debate, if handled properly.

But if not handled properly, it can also be an opening for contentions throughout the student body that can disrupt the climate of the school. I have the utmost confidence in the school system that the learning environment will be protected and no harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

Let’s have a great school year and promote Chilton County for the better! May the hand of God be upon you all and keep you safe this school year!

Greg DeJarnett, Minister, West End Church of Christ and Clanton City Councilman