VHS softball to host kickball tournament

Published 3:19 pm Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Verbena softball team is hosting a kickball tournament fundraiser in Clanton.

The tournament will be held on October 17 at Clanton City Park, and will serve as a fundraiser for the VHS softball team.

First-year Verbena Softball Coach Kala Langston and her husband, Chad Langston, came up with the idea for a kickball tournament when searching for a “different and unique” type of fundraiser.

“I used to play in a co-ed kickball league in Dothan,” Chad Langston said. “Kala expressed a lot of ideas she’d like to do to make the softball field better, so we’re hoping the tournament will help with the funds to do those things.”

The $100 fee covers a team’s participation, and the tournament bracket will be drawn once all teams interested have registered.

“We’ve had about seven teams show interest in the first week since we released the fundraiser,” Langston said. “We’re hoping it will be a good turnout.”

Each team may have as many players as they wish, but only 10 players may be on the field at any given time

Of the 10 players, five must be male and five must be female for complete equality, Langston said.

“We will be using standard kickball rules, as they are in the ‘Go Kickball’ and ‘WAKA’ co-ed leagues,” Langston said. “I will post the rules on the event Facebook page before the tournament.”

Those interested may sign up or find more information on the event Facebook page by searching “VHS Co Ed Kickball Tournament.”

Anyone 14 years old and up may participate, and the winning team will receive free T-shirts.

All proceeds will benefit the Verbena softball team with renovations to the team’s field.

Adding crushed brick to the infield and repairing fencing are just two of many projects needing to be done, Langston said, along with purchasing equipment such as bats and batting helmets.

Kala Langston is also the physical education teacher at Verbena High School, and was a four-year starter on the Troy University softball team.

According to Chad Langston, he and his wife chose a Saturday in which both Alabama and Auburn football teams aren’t playing home games, and televisions will be available to watch college football games in between games.

“Kickball is just a really good time,” Langston said. “With all of the co-ed softball games going on, we hope people will take advantage of something different and fun.”

For more information on the tournament or to request an entry form, contact Kala Langston via e-mail at kmlangston@chilton.k12.al.us.

Entry fee and form may be mailed to Verbena High School at 202 County Road 510 Verbena, AL 36703.