Humane Society elects new president

Published 1:27 pm Friday, August 14, 2015

The Chilton County Humane Society is under new leadership.

Members of the society voted to elect Krystine Gish as the new board president.

Board secretary Katherine Reece said the board members voted in favor of Gish because of her “business background.”

“We are looking forward to seeing her bring that business background to the presidency,” Reece said.

Gish shared her excitement for her new position, which went into effect July 21.

 Krystine Gish was appointed the new president of the Chilton County Humane Society on July 21. (Contributed)

Krystine Gish was appointed the new president of the Chilton County Humane Society on July 21. (Contributed)

Gish takes the place of former president Donna McCary.

According to Reece, Gish will oversee all major decisions at the shelter.

“Honestly, I was tired of complaining and being frustrated about the needs of the shelter,” Gish said. “The best way to take action was to become more involved.

“Basically, I oversee the meetings, help to organize fundraisers, and make sure the animals have the food and supplies they need,” Gish said. “I’ve been volunteering with the shelter for about five or six years, so I was hoping to get the president position when it opened.”

Reece said there was one other candidate vying for the position.

Gish plans to utilize the knowledge learned throughout her business career, which includes owning her own business and co-owning several others.

“Since I was 23 years old, I’ve always partnered with someone or owned my own business,” Gish said. “I’m ready to focus on the health and wellness of the shelter.”

Gish owned Mowhead’s, a lawnmower parts company in Clanton, for five years.

She is currently a practice administrator at Dr. Jon Binkerd’s general surgeon office in Clanton.

She said her main goal as the humane society president is to increase community involvement.

“I’d like to see the community get more involved in every day functions,” Gish said. “The paramount of our needs right now is adoption. We need to find loving families for the animals we have.”

The humane society has recently endeavored to make the adoption process easier by lowering the price of adoptable cats.

Formerly $75, kittens 5 months and under are now $50, and cats 6 months and older are $25.

“The kittens are healthy and ready to take home,” Gish said. “It’s cheaper than buying a free kitten by the time you add the vet bill.”

Gish has many more plans in the works for the shelter, which she hopes will prompt more members of the community to get involved.

“We’re looking to lower spaying and neutering costs to get the population down and reduce the number of animals without homes,” Gish said. “We mostly want people to know they can come here when looking for a pet instead of looking elsewhere.”

Gish said while the greatest need of the society is adoption, the organization accepts and appreciates donations such as dog and cat food, cleaning supplies and monetary donations.

For more information on the Chilton County humane society, contact the society at (205)755-9170.`