Church news for the week of July 5, 2015

Published 6:01 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone who attended services this past week.

Sunday morning services included a message from Exodus 17:8-16 titled “What Have We Done with the Rod of God?”

The rod was raised, the stone was in place, the people had the same goal and the banner was Jehovah. The church consists of many members serving in different offices as a part of one body functioning according to one head, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Religions are not that way, and that is why most religious people would not be able to tell you what the gospel for salvation is or where to find it.

There is only one name to which every knee will bow and every tongue confess, and that is the name of Jesus. That is the only name given under heaven whereby a person must be saved.

If you are in a ministry that is not built upon the foundation laid by the apostle Paul, it would be very wise for you to find out who the Lord Jesus Christ really is.

Sunday night services continued in our study through Acts 26: All saints have a past; all people must make present decisions, and those decisions will affect our future. The truth will always be true, and even if we don’t believe it, it will still be true. Decisions made today in unbelief will have consequences in the future when the truth unfolds. There is a heaven and there is a hell, and we need to know and be concerned about where we will be spending eternity.

If you are looking for a church to visit this Sunday, we would love to see you at Calvary.

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Submitted by Oscar Mims

Samaria Baptist Church

How great is our living Savior! We praise God for blessing us with freedom for another Fourth of July. It is only by his amazing hand that we can still worship without government intrusion. We praise Jesus for the love that only he can provide for us.

Darrell Willis sang “God Bless the USA” as our special music. We are always blessed when he sings.

We offer a praise report for the wonderful results of Walter Hudgins lab tests. Prayer concerns are Ray and Phyllis Hardee, Lloyd Willis, Lisa Shearon and family, Cathy Willis, W.L. Adams, Wayne Adams, VBS and our military members throughout the world.

Bro. Shane’s message came from Matthew 3:1-12. We cannot come close to conquering the sin of the world that draws us in without preparing to trust our Living Savior. Turning away from worshiping idols is something that we must be able to learn how to do. There will be temptations on every hand, and we will never overcome the struggle of sin’s impact on us unless we choose to make a difference in our lives.

How we live makes a difference in how we prepare to meet the Lord, and how we prepare has an effect on how we live. God never sends anyone to hell, but folks go to hell by their own choice and decision. We must believe that Jesus died, ask for forgiveness of our sins while we turn from them and ask Jesus to live within us.

There is no room for lukewarm attitudes, and no time for weakness. We must accept him and his promises. We will prepare as a bride prepares for her bridegroom. Our relationship with Jesus must be our top priority. While it is simple to be saved, it is not always easy to walk the path.

Please do not be one of those people who say, “Well, I hope I go to heaven, but it’s not possible to know for sure.” It is very possible to know, and if you are not positive about your relationship with God the Father, now is the time to make it certain. When Gabriel blows the trumpet, it will be too late.

God bless you and keep you and yours safe and at peace. Join us at Samaria, where Jesus is Lord.

Submitted by Diane Fisher