Plea hearing extended to July 27 for former deputy, wife

Published 3:47 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

A Chilton County judge on Friday extended a plea hearing for a former Chilton County deputy and his wife, who face multiple charges for allegedly committing sex crimes involving minors.

David Hubbard, 41, and Rebecca Hubbard, 36, are now scheduled for a plea hearing at 9 a.m. on July 27 before Chilton County Circuit Judge Ben A. Fuller at the Chilton County Courthouse.

According to Fuller’s order filed Friday, the opportunity to enter a negotiated guilty plea will not be extended past the July 27 hearing.

David and Rebecca Hubbard appeared in Chilton County Circuit Court on Wednesday for a plea day—originally the last day that the prosecution and defense could submit a plea deal before the case went to trial.

There was no deal made on Wednesday due to a new attorney, Davy Hay, representing David Hubbard in a civil lawsuit related to the case informing the court of evidence, which he said is pertinent to the case.

The evidence was not released during the hearing, and Hay declined to speak about the evidence on Thursday due to a gag order issued in the case by Fuller on Thursday.

The four-page order from Fuller outlines specific restrictions for public comments made about the case by the parties involved in the matter.

A motion was also filed by David Hubbard’s defense attorneys on Thursday requesting a change of venue if the case heads to trial.

In the motion, the attorneys state the case has “garnered a great deal of local attention among the citizenry of Chilton County.”

The motion also states that news media has repeatedly published stories portraying the allegations in the case as fact and casting David Hubbard in an “exceedingly negative light,” which could taint the potential jury pool.

Fuller responded to the motion on Friday giving the state 14-days to file a written response to the change of venue motion, according to court records.

It is unclear when the case could head to trial, if both David and Rebecca Hubbard do not enter guilty pleas at the July 27 hearing.

Currently, David Hubbard faces a total of 47 charges including 42 felony charges and five misdemeanors.

Rebecca Hubbard faces a total of 30 charges including 28 felony charges and two misdemeanors.

The charges came after a June 19, 2014, wreck on Alabama Highway 145 near Jefferson State Community College in Clanton, which involved three vehicles and resulted in the death of Christopher Alan Webster, 45, of Alabaster and two others being hospitalized.

The wreck was the initial link to David and Rebecca Hubbard.

After an investigation into the wreck, David and Rebecca Hubbard were arrested in July 2014 and were first charged with sexual contact with a student under the age of 19 and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

As news of the initial charges were released, other minors came forward and alleged that they had also been subjected to inappropriate and illegal contact with David and Rebecca Hubbard.

The two were indicted by a special grand jury in Chilton County held in November 2014 on 77 total charges.

At the time of the criminal relationship, both David and Rebecca Hubbard were associated with the Chilton County Board of Education.

David Hubbard was employed by the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department and the Chilton County Board of Education as a teacher of a class at the LeCroy Career Technical Center geared toward students who were interested in becoming law enforcement officers.

He had previously served as the Chilton County School Resource Officer.

He resigned from the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department on June 1, 2014, to pursue a full-time position teaching at the LeCroy Career Technical Center.

Rebecca Hubbard was employed as a substitute teacher by the Chilton County Board of Education at the time of the relationship.

All the charged offenses occurred over the last two years, during which David and Rebecca Hubbard were associated with the school system.

Both remain in jail, where David Hubbard’s bond is set at $881,000 and Rebecca Hubbard’s bond is set at $685,000.