Residents voice concerns about County Road 59 in Verbena

Published 4:19 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Residents in Verbena are hoping a section of County Road 59 can be fixed to prevent future crashes and reduce speeding in the area.

Several residents voiced their concerns regarding the road at the Chilton County Commission meeting on Monday.

Kathy Plier spoke on behalf of the board of trustees from Verbena United Methodist Church, which is located off County Road 59.

“We have had numerous incidents with speeding near the church or the curve near the church,” Plier told commissioners. “One church member was run off the road into a ditch by a vehicle he estimated was driving 70 miles per hour. We also had a car miss the curve and instead of going into the ditch, the car ended up in the church parking lot.”

Plier provided several suggestions to commissioners regarding ways the road could be improved including a stronger sheriff’s presence in Verbena, a three-way stop sign at County Road 59 and County Road 510, where individuals often turn to go to Verbena High School, a caution light, or better signage for the speed limit in the area.

“We are just asking for some help and attention to a potentially dangerous problem,” Plier said.

Commission Chairman Allen Caton said any projects done on the road would have to be approved by the state, and told Plier county engineer Tony Wearren would do some studies on the road.

“A lot of what you are telling us tonight is the first time we have heard about this,” Caton said.

Another resident spoke about how she has lived on County Road 59 for 25 years and often “prays people around the curve” in the road referring to praying for motorists who often speed around the curve.

Caton told the group that Wearren would look into the issue and bring back an update to commissioners at a future meeting.

Commissioners also approved a request from Wearren to approve a preliminary plat approval for Division No. 12 of Rolling Oaks Mini Farms located off County Road 54 in Jemison.

The commission also approved Wearren’s request to have a bushwacker rotary cutter declared as surplus and sold to the highest bidder.

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