Helping Economic Growth in Chilton County (Community Correspondent)

Published 12:05 pm Monday, June 8, 2015

Recruiting new industry to Chilton County is part of the economic development focus of the Industrial Development Board.  The IDB receives most of its financial support from the Chilton County Commission as a result of the $3 million property tax that the citizens approved several years ago for  “… economic and rural development”.

Additional funds come from donations by Central Alabama Electric Co-Op, Alabama Power Company, Peoples Southern Bank and SouthCrest Bank.

Not only do these funds help in marketing the county but they are also used for recruiting visits and follow-up visits to possible industries.

In addition to the marketing that takes place by the IDB, different community activities and organizations help encourage the expansion and recruitment of business.

The Chilton County Arts Council has activities throughout the year for children and adults that promote an improved “quality of life” in the county.

This summer, “The Da Vinci Experience” will be offered for children 8 to 17.

Other events for adults interested in art and related activities go on all year.  If you want to be a part of the “quality of life movement” in Chilton County, contact the Arts Council located in Clanton (205) 217-3027.

The Chilton County Performing Arts Center located at Jefferson State Community College is another example of an agency that adds both to the “quality of life” and to the economy of the area.

In the last few months, they hosted a state dance contest that drew more than 2,000 people to the county. This resulted in the generation of sales tax revenue based on food, lodging and gas purchases. Over the next few months there will be several weddings, education, training, a trade show sponsored by Alabama Power Company and the Jefferson State Nurse Pinning ceremony.

Recently as I passed the airport, I saw a small passenger plane parked there. I explored and discovered that several people with Love’s Truck Stop were making their monthly training visit and their review of operations at the facility at Interstate 65 Exit 208.

Other industries in the county also use the local airport for their corporate office visits.

Parts for one industry relies on the airport for transportation of replacement parts that are flown in about once every two weeks to help keep their equipment and machinery operating. The Chilton County Airport is crucial in industrial retention and recruitment.

You can keep up with the economic development events in Chilton County by going to “Chilton County Economic Development” on Facebook and “like” our page. Also, please say thank you to those business that contribute to the marketing fund for economic growth in the county. They are making a difference.

Fred Crawford is the Chilton County Industrial Development Coordinator: Look for another installment of his column in a future edition of The Clanton Advertiser.