Students learn about agriculture at Farm Day (with photo gallery)

Published 9:57 am Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Farm Day fun: Aniston Bolding (right) helps fourth grader Kendall Braswell pet a cow during the Thorsby FFA’s annual Farm Day event on May 7.

Farm Day fun: Aniston Bolding (right) helps fourth grader Kendall Braswell pet a cow during the Thorsby FFA’s annual Farm Day event on May 7.

Jerrett Posey asked Thorsby Elementary students if they use common household items like toothpaste and lotion.

The students were eager to say yes, but they were less excited to know that those items contain cow products.

“Y’all are brushing your teeth with cow!” Posey said, and the students squirmed.

About 500 students that participated in the school’s annual Farm Day learned that, in fact, things produced through agriculture are important parts of our daily lives.

Thorsby instructor and Future Farmers of America sponsor Brian Lucas has been organizing Farm Day for three years.

“I didn’t want it to be a petting zoo,” Lucas said. “I wanted it to be educational.”

Stations were set up where students learned about various farm animals as well as the Alabama Forestry Commission, skin cancer prevention from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, beekeeping and more.

Lucas said he’d like to see the event grow, possibly even to become a county-wide effort.

“We’re trying to raise the future generation,” he said.

About 75 students, including many in the school’s FFA chapter, helped with Farm Day.

Comments from students in Dana Bolding’s third grade class, which participated in Farm Day, are below:

“No Farm Day could beat that one it was the best day ever!,” Josh Bolt said.

“I liked the lasso and the food and petting the animals,” Johnavin Brandenburg said.

“I enjoyed the cows. Aniston was taking care of the black cow and letting everyone pet it. The hair on it was so soft, and I think it was a baby. We watched them carve a pen, and I wish I had one. They were cool. I did not want to milk the fake cow, but I wanted to try to rope a cow. The forestry people gave us Frisbees, rulers, and pencil sharpeners. I can’t wait ‘till next year,” Summer Powell said.

“I enjoyed the puppies, cows, pigs, goats, horses, hens and roosters, and I got to plant a seed and make a bracelet,” Jadon Green said.

“I liked when Michael showed us how to lasso a bull, and we learned all about horses, cows, dogs, chickens and goats. There was a booth on the sun and its rays. It was the best Farm Day in the entire world. I loved it,” Chase Lucas said.

“I enjoyed getting to pet the horses, pigs, goats, dogs and cows. I liked getting Kona ice and boiled peanuts and seeing rabbits. I had the best day ever at Farm Day,” Macey Maddox said.

“I loved petting the cows, dogs, and rabbits. I liked getting my face painted and looking at the bees,” Shaniyah Martin said.

“Today was the coolest thing we’ve done all week. We learned candles, make-up and footballs are made from cows,” Adarious Minor said.

“I loved Farm Day. I loved the food. I loved everything. I liked the roping thing and seeing the snake skin,” Braxton Price said.

“I enjoyed milking a cow, and the Kona ice was good. I had a ball,” Logan Robinson said.

“I liked the rodeo where you got to throw a lasso and ring bull horns. I liked how I got to pet all the animals and learn about the stuff that came from them. Today was the best Farm Day,” Makinley Turner said.

“It was like a field trip. I liked holding the chickens and having my face painted,” Luke Turner said.

“I learned the bristles on your toothbrush are made from hog hair. I loved the tractor climb. The last tractor was old, and there was just something special about it. I don’t really know what; there just was. I thought the herbs weren’t all that good except the lemon. It was great,” Anna Watley said.