Commissioners appoint deputy coroner

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chilton County commissioners unanimously voted Monday to appoint Shane Ogle as deputy coroner.

The vote came after Chilton County Coroner Aaron Ellison requested commissioners appoint Ogle to the position to help Ellison when needed.

“It has been customary in the past that the county has a deputy coroner,” Ellison said. “It is impossible for me to be within the county 24/7. Situations come up where I have to be out of the county, and it would be nice to have someone who is trained to be able to handle something when I am not here.”

Ellison told commissioners Ogle has “shadowed” him since Ellison took office as coroner in January.

“He is very well-versed in the role,” Ellison said. “If I am ever out of town, he would be able to help me.”

Commissioners asked Ellison if this would require a special kind of training for Ogle.

Ellison told commissioners Ogle would have to complete training provided by the state, and Ogle’s position would strictly be for when Ellison is unavailable.

The pay scale for Ogle’s position is $50 per call and per case handled, according to Ellison.

Ellison also requested repair work on a vehicle in the coroner’s office that is having minor engine issues.

Ellison said the 2007 Chevrolet Suburban is in good shape with only 58,000 miles on it, but the vehicle was starting to have engine issues and Ellison was told it was too dangerous to drive on the road.

“This is the only good vehicle the coroner’s office has where we can handle multiple bodies if we need to,” Ellison said. “The vehicle is a great use to the coroner in transporting the deceased from the scene.”

Ellison said he received a quote from Stoke’s Automotive for $1,765.41.

Commissioners voted to allow Ellison to have the vehicle repaired with the money coming out of the county’s coroner fund.

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