Sheriff to look at prices to fix plumbing issues at jail

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Plumbing issues at the Chilton County Jail prompted commissioners to allow Sheriff John Shearon to solicit prices to try and rectify the problem.

During the regularly scheduled Chilton County Commission meeting Monday, Shearon told commissioners about the issues.

Shearon said several pods at the jail are leaking from the commodes, and continue leaking even after repairs were made on them.

“When the water leaks it makes the concrete floor really slick and I am afraid it could end up being a liability on the county if someone slips and falls,” Shearon said. “The jail is 15 years old, and there are things that come up with it being an older jail. I’m just worried about what might happen down the road if someone ends up getting hurt.”

Jail Warden Trae Barfield told commissioners that toilets at the jail are flushed almost 200 times a day.

“Everything is really expensive, and as soon as a repair is made, it breaks again,” Barfield said. “We had some repairs done on Friday, and the work done on Friday is already broken.”

Commission Chairman Allen Caton suggested looking into the situation when budgets are discussed for the upcoming fiscal year.

Commissioner Shannon Welch asked Shearon if the problems at the jail required immediate attention or if they could wait until budgets were discussed.

Commissioner Joseph Parnell said he thought the issues being discussed required immediate attention rather than waiting.

Commissioner Bobby Agee suggested Shearon getting a licensed plumber to quote a repair price and bring it back to the commission.

“I would like to know how much it would cost,” Agee said. “I would like to see what kind of money we are talking about.”

Some of the commissioners expressed concerns with how much money it would require to fix the problems.

County attorney John Hollis Jackson suggested Shearon get a quote to correct the leaking toilets and a price quote for what it would require to fix all of the plumbing issues at the jail.

Commissioners voted to allow Shearon to solicit prices to rectify the problem to fix the immediate issues and prices to fix all of the plumbing issues at the jail.

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