Church news for the week of May 3, 2015

Published 1:52 pm Thursday, May 7, 2015

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone who attended services this past week.

Sunday morning’s service included a message from 1 Kings 17:1-24, 18:41-46 and a couple of passages from Genesis. The sermon was titled “Getting through the Dry Times in Life.” We looked at how, in times like these, with God it will be provided, with God it will be possible and with God it will be personal.

I am so glad that God will provide our needs, work out situations that are impossible with man, and do it all through our having a personal relationship with our great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday night’s service included a continued study in the book of Acts starting at Acts 19:18 and stopping at Acts 20:9.

Jesus is the way. The people in these passages were looking to other ways, such as the worship of gods made by man’s hands. There was a lot of money and popularity involved in the worship of Diana. Persecution arose against God’s messengers because people were afraid that preaching the truth of Christ would cause many to lose respect for their false religion and the temple of idolatry.

When the truth gets into someone’s pride or pocketbook, the truth may not be very welcome; yet the truth is something everyone will have to face sooner or later. What is so wrong with doing that which is right?

The truth is that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. The truth is that the wage of sin is death, and in the context of eternal life, we also find there to be an eternal death. God has made a way so that we do not have to face eternal death. That way and that truth is found in Christ’s death. He died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day. This is the very gospel of our salvation in the dispensation of grace. If you have never been saved, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today and you too can have salvation.

If you are in or near Clanton and looking for a church to visit with this Sunday, we would love to see you at Calvary.

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Submitted by Oscar Mims

Mountain Springs Church

Sunday morning, Bro. Kenneth Moates led the congregation in the following hymns: “Come and Dine,” “Getting Ready to Leave This World” and “He Set Me Free.”

Bro. Roger Cleckler then brought a devotion from 1 Corinthians 7:24. Keep running the race and be faithful; it will pay off. Run the faithful race.

Bro. Roger sang “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

After Sunday School, Bro. Heath preached from 2 Kings 12:1-3 and 17-18. God’s hand is not short enough that he can’t touch someone. He hears all cries because his ear is not heavy (Isaiah 59:1). If God’s people call, he will listen, but we have to be willing to pray and call on his name. God is for us, not against us.

Sin will keep God from moving. We need to stop praising sin. There is no limitation to what we can do with God on our side. Just as God wants to move, the devil wants to move too. We hold the key to open up what God can do.

If we don’t break down our “high places” (sin), they will come to haunt us. When the stronghold of sin is in our lives, God will not bless. It’s either all for God, or not at all for God. We have to let those strongholds go, or we will go back to them. It’s time we get rid of them. We need to hate sin, and want to live for God. We’ve got to come back to God with a humble heart. Repentance is turning away from sin and turning back to God. Let it all go. God is giving you and opportunity; what will you do with it?

Sunday afternoon, the congregation sang the hymns “I’ll be Listening,” “The Old Gospel Ship” and “My Lord Keeps a Record.”

Bro. Kenneth Moates brought his devotion from John 20:24-28. Jesus told Thomas to reach out and touch the wounds inflicted by the cross—and that’s what we need to do: reach out to Jesus. There are three things we need to do in revival: reach out in prayer, reach out with our presence and reach out with preparation. We should come excited and receiving.

After the testimony service, Bro. Heath Vines preached from Psalm 100:1-5. We ought to bring thanksgiving and praise into God’s house (Psalm 100:4). The devil recognizes the blessings God puts on us.

Praise God for his goodness. God is willing to do anything that we ask Him to do. We are never alone. Not only do we need to praise God for his goodness, but we should also thank him for his protection. The Lord has a hedge of protection around us.

Lastly, praise God for His guidance. We can’t get through life without him (Psalm 23). God has goodness for us (Psalms 31:19).

Mountain Springs will have a singing with Barry Rowland and Deliverance on May 9 starting at 7 p.m.

Revival will be held May 10-13.

Submitted by Savannah Parrish