Church news for the week of April 26, 2015

Published 1:01 pm Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Samaria Baptist Church

What a beautiful day to serve an amazing Lord. We shall never neglect so great a gift as salvation. Jesus Christ came in order to make a way for us to have eternal life through his blood and his grace. The cost of yours and my salvation was the brutal death of our Lord and Savior. Do we really want to live and die with the influence of the world being our greatest accomplishment?

Jesus paid it all. We must accept him and enjoy the joy of salvation on earth and the promise of heaven for all eternity. Never let it be said that Jesus died for you in vain.

There are times when we fail to share what Jesus has done for us. We should never be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Hiding your salvation makes it appear that you have none. If the world is offended by our faith, what do we do? Do we fade out and just keep silent, making our lives appear no different from theirs?

Yes, there are times that we cannot “preach” to others, but we should never be ashamed to share what Jesus did for our salvation and enable others to see Jesus in our lives. Show the world whose side you are on, and Jesus will provide the grace and guidance for the witness. He always provides the way when we make ourselves available to him, and he fills us with all we need to accomplish the witnessing we are called to do.

Knowing Jesus makes it possible to face tomorrow because he is already there and knows what tomorrow brings. We are not promised tomorrow, and we should not expect that God will give us years to live like the world and then benefit from a death bed repentance. While it does happen, do we dare put our souls at risk?

Jesus has done so much for us, and his blessing on our lives is worth surrendering to his service and listening for his call. We need to shout out that Jesus loves all of us. He stands waiting to save us, and will use us to reach the lost and dying world. Put on the armor of Christ. Jesus will win the final battle, and we all want to be on his side. If we yield our daily decisions to him, we can win daily battles because Jesus is waiting to bless us every single moment.

The Scripture focus for the message was Hebrews 2:3 Romans 1:16, Romans 13:11-12, Luke 12:48 and Galatians 3:27.

Prayer requests are for the family of Myrtle Mims (Bro. Shane’s grandmother), Ray Hardee, Tracy Mims, April Jones, Ms. Silas, Jeff Smith, Linda Rhodes, Michael Driver, Collins family, Dobbs family, Patsy Courtney Rhodes, Buddy Johnson, Roy Hicks and James Hardy.

Birthday celebrants are Jerry Greer and Buddy Johnson.

Services next Sunday will be held at Clanton Park and will begin at 10:30 a.m.

God bless all who read this. Remember to let others see Jesus in you.

Submitted by Diane Fisher

Corinth Baptist Church

We had a great service Sunday. Thanks to everybody who came out, and if you missed out, we hope to see you this coming Sunday.

We have one birthday this week: Happy birthday Larry Jones.

Our annual volunteer church cleaning will be held on May 10 starting at 8 a.m. Sunday,

Homecoming and singing with dinner on the grounds will be held on May 17. Feel free to bring a covered dish and join us for some good old-fashioned singing and worship.

I’ve heard and read a lot of hate about religions lately. Mainly it has been directed at Muslims and Christians, but regardless of who it is directed at, I’ll never understand it. There are extremists in every religion.

I just can’t comprehend why others can’t accept that someone believes differently than they do. Sure, everyone believes their god is the god (or gods, in some cases) and of course, Christianity tells us that God is the one and only, and it hurts when others put our God down and talk badly about our beliefs. Admit it, it hurts your heart when you hear someone talking bad about Christians and our God, as it should.

Well, our fellow human brothers and sisters feel the same way when we talk bad about them and their beliefs. Does it matter to them that we believe our God is the only one? No, but that doesn’t give us the right to talk down about them or the way they believe, nor does it give them the right to treat us that way.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that the world is a very diverse place. There are many different religions and beliefs. Even in Christianity, everyone doesn’t believe exactly the same thing. Our Bible can be interpreted many different ways, and many twist it to say what they want it to say.

Maybe if we went about things differently, people might be more willing to look into Christianity. Stop the hate, and show only love and respect.

I love God, and no, I’m not going to shove it down your throat, but I just wanted you to know you’re missing out. You don’t believe as I do? That’s cool; I love you, and God loves you too.

Until next week, may God bless you and keep you. We hope to see you soon.

Submitted by K.J. Bowen