Residents express concern about road closure to commission

Published 9:08 pm Thursday, April 16, 2015

Several people that live in the area of County Road 352 visited the Chilton County Commission meeting Monday to express concern about the closing of the road.

The commission closed the road after advertising the move, but residents said they didn’t know about the proposed closure because they don’t travel the road currently because a bridge is out.

But if the bridge were replaced, the residents said the road would take significant amounts of time of their travel.

Larry Hayes and Jerry Hayes were nominated to speak on behalf of the many residents in attendance at the meeting, which was held in the commission chambers at the Chilton County Courthouse.

The road was vacated to Williams-Transco Pipeline, which owns adjoining property, six months ago, which would be past the amount of time when an appeal to the decision is allowed. Commissioners said they would look into the situation.

In other business, the commission:

•Approved requests from Sheriff John Shearon to add Freeman Ellison as a full-time deputy, replacing Billy Hicks, and also to add Gerald Purvis as a part-time deputy. Shearon also requested permission, which was granted, to solicit bids for lights for a new vehicle.

•Heard from Engineer Tony Wearren that drawings had been completed and accepted by the Alabama Department of Transportation for work on County Road 54. A final inspection was completed on April 11. ALDOT will not schedule letting.

•Approved a recommendation from Commissioner Shannon Welch that he, Commissioner Joseph Parnell, Commissioner Joe Headley and Industrial Development Coordinator be appointed to a committee that will work with representatives of the city of Clanton on industrial development.

•Heard from Chilton County Emergency Management Agency Director Derrick Wright about a conference call with state EMA Director Art Faulkner about recent developments that could affect funding at the local level.

•Heard from Headley about concerns about the appearance of the grass around the courthouse. Headley also brought to the attention of the rest of the commission the condition of Bell Lane Road. Headley expressed concern about how the road will hold up to heavy traffic once it becomes part of a detour during work to the intersection of highways 31 and 22.

•Heard from Commissioner Bobby Agee that he had heard complaints about county roads 456 and 203.

•Heard from Parnell that the Forestry Service is taking over a tract of land in Chilton County, but no residents should be affected.

•Scheduled a work session to discuss the College Counts Alabama’s 529 Fund.

•Approved minutes from the March 23 meeting.