Church news for the week of March 29, 2015

Published 2:02 pm Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Floyd Baptist Church

Bro. Mike Lawrence’s message was taken from Daniel 2:28.

There is a God in heaven, and he holds our destiny in his hands. We can choose eternal life or eternal damnation, but he holds each destiny in his hands.

Moses knew there is a God in heaven; he spoke to him before the burning bush. God also parted the Red Sea for Moses, and the children of Israel to cross on dry land.

Joshua knew there is in a God in heaven. God through Joshua stopped the Jordan River and defeated the city of Jericho, which had walls that were 25 feet thick.

Daniel knew there is a God in heaven because God delivered him from the Daniel’s den.

Paul knew there is a God in heaven. Paul was on a boat headed for Rome when a terrible storm caused wind and rain that lasted 14 days and nearly tore the boat apart. An angel of God appeared to Paul, telling him that all 276 people on board would be OK.

We as Christians know there is a God in heaven, and he knows everything about us. We can’t hide sin from him, and when we sin, we must ask forgiveness.

Everyone is welcome to worship with us at Floyd.