New marketing campaign could help promote county growth

Published 2:50 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Commissioners also voted to partner with the city of Clanton to work toward economic development in the area.

The vote came after Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver came to the commission meeting to inform commissioners that the Clanton City Council voted during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday to work with the county.

“On behalf of all of us, I would like to say thank you,” Welch said.

Commissioner Joe Headley made the motion to agree to partner with the city on industrial development.

Parnell explained the partnership would help in deciding “if”, “when” and “how” the two entities want to partner and “what” they might want to buy.

“Everything will still have to come back to the commission for a vote,” Parnell said. “We are committing to them, and they are committing to us.”

On Tuesday, Chilton County Industrial Development Coordinator Fred Crawford provided some context for the vote to partner with the city.

“The actions of the two groups have agreed to discuss ways in which they can work together on industrial development,” Crawford said. “That may mean creating an organization, buying property together, putting sewer lines and water lines together, roads, etc. When we all gather as one, it makes it a lot easier.”

A group of individuals including some commissioners, mayors from surrounding municipalities and members of the IDB board met in a special called meeting March 16 to discuss potentially purchasing some land in the county.

The meeting was not open to the public.