Warmer temperatures, steady rain ahead for Chilton County

Published 4:32 pm Monday, March 9, 2015

Warmer and wetter appears to be the prevailing weather patterns for Chilton County for the week ahead, according to the National Weather Service.

Kevin Laws, meteorologist with the NWS, said to expect a great deal of steady rain over the next few days, with showers likely the rest of week.

Laws said the rain was part of a system that appears to be standing in place, thanks to pressure built up off the East Coast.

“You look at these patterns and see pressure build over the Atlantic, so they sit in place,” he said. “(The system) is kind of stuck. It doesn’t look like it wants to move.”

Temperatures for the rest of the week will remain mild, as high temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will be around 75 and 74 degrees, respectively.

Lows will remain around 60 on Tuesday night, with the low on Wednesday around 61.

The chance of rain appears heaviest Wednesday through Friday, with an 80 percent chance. The high temperature on Thursday is expected to be around 75, with the low around 60 Thursday night.

Both rain chances and temperatures taper off slightly headed into the weekend, as the chance of rain Friday night drops over the course of the day from 80 to 50 percent. The high temperature on Friday is expected to be around 69.

Rain chances continue through the weekend, with a 30-percent chance on Saturday and 20-percent chance on Sunday.

Laws said he expected “4-5 inches of rain over the course of the week” but said he does not expect severe weather to come from this system.

“I don’t really think so,” he said. “It’s an overall wet pattern. It’s not severe weather favorable.There might be a few (thunderstorms), but nothing organized.”

Laws also said while the amount of rain expected is large, he did not look for flooding to be an issue.

“You get the warm, but you get the wet,” he said. “Light to moderate rain, no tornado outbreak. I think it’ll be spread out enough to where I don’t think (flooding) will be a possibility.”