Police: Pair sold stolen items at yard sale

Published 4:33 pm Monday, March 9, 2015

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Jemison Police are holding a room full of items that were allegedly stolen and being sold in a yard sale.

Jemison Police are holding a room full of items that were allegedly stolen and being sold in a yard sale.

A yard sale turned into a trip to jail for two Jemison residents this week.

Charity Williams, 37, and Roger Jones, 45, both of Jemison, were arrested Monday as police allege thousands of dollars worth of items they were attempting to sell in a yard sale were stolen.

Charges had not been filed against the two suspects as of Monday afternoon.

Jemison Police Department officials said it was determined that an item sold during the yard sale was stolen. On Sunday, officers confiscated everything from the yard sale, which was held off County Road 42 near Interstate Exit 219.

Members of a hunting club in Perry County came by JPD Monday to claim a truckload of belongings, but a room full of items remains, including clothes, knives, binoculars, tools, baseball cards, shoes, household items, walkie-talkies, flashlights, electronics and even a window air conditioning unit.

The combined value of all the recovered property was estimated at $10,000, not including a vehicle that was recovered Monday by the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department.

Fulmer said there are likely multiple additional victims.

“There’s no telling where it all came from,” he said and added that a notice has been sent out to agencies across the Southeast, notifying them about the recovery of the property. “It will be ongoing for probably the next month or so. We’d like to be able to get it identified and get it returned.”

Anyone who purchased items from the yard sale within the past two weeks is asked to contact Jemison Police Department because the property could have been stolen.

Anyone who thinks some of the property was stolen from them should also contact JPD Deputy Chief Marc McMinn or Sgt. Jeff Manasco at (205) 688-4492.

Fulmer thanked those whose information led to the arrests and recovered property.

“I applaud the efforts of the witnesses and appreciate their help in getting this going,” Fulmer said. “Very seldom do you get stuff like this back.”