Maplesville boys basketball edges Isabella

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Isabella and Maplesville boys basketball matchup Jan. 13 was a defensive struggle.

Both teams pushed to exhaustion as the defenses worked aggressively to keep the other from moving the ball.

However, Maplesville was able to capitalize on Isabella’s penalty troubles to give them the edge in a 39-48 victory.

The game began resembling the score of a mid-April baseball game instead of a basketball game.

The Maplesville boys team scored the first points, coming from an Anthony Moore layup, in the first minute and a half into the quarter.

For almost four and a half minutes, no one put up points on the board. Shots ceased to drop, and defensive rebounds disallowed any follow-up shots from opposing offenses.

Isabella’s Jacob Carroll was able to open the floodgates for both teams with a one-point free throw courtesy of a Maplesville foul.

The game stood at 2-1 with two minutes left in the first quarter. The Maplesville boys’ squad went on a 6-2 point run, finishing the quarter with a score of 8-3.

Both the Isabella and Maplesville boys squads were able to score more effectively in the second quarter, matching each other point-for-point.

The Maplesville boys were able to hold onto a five-point lead created in the first quarter. Both teams scored 11 points to end the half at 19-14 in favor of the Devils.

Isabella’s Chase Pate scored the first points of the second half pulling the Mustangs to within three points of the Red Devils.

However, Maplesville found an edge with four free throws made by Terence Dunlap and Anthony Moore.

Both teams were evenly matched throughout the quarter with the Maplesville boys squad holding a slight advantage 12-10. The quarter ended with a score of 31-24.

In an effort to ramp up their defensive effort, the Isabella boys squad ran into foul trouble in the fourth quarter.

Isabella outscored the Red Devils 15-4 in the fourth quarter. But the Maplesville boys took full advantage of Isabella penalties, outscoring the Mustangs 13-2 in penalty shots.

Maplesville controlled the ball and allowed Isabella’s aggressive attempts on defense to fuel their offensive game in the second half. The Maplesville boys capitalized on 22-of-43 free throw attempts, giving them the lead agaist the Mustangs.

The game ended 39-48 in favor of the Red Devils.

Anthony Moore (16 points) led Maplesville in scoring with eight points coming from open play and eight points coming from 8-of-11 attempts on the free throw line.

Terence Dunlap (15 points) was Maplesville’s second leading scorer with 13 points coming from the free throw line. William Harrison (eight points), Kendarius Bradley (seven points), and Tyler Williams (two points) contributed to the Red Devils victory. Isabella’s Chase Pate (12 points) led the Mustangs in scoring. Fidell Wilson (seven points), Jacob Carroll (six points), Jaqarise Stacy (five points), Scottie Underwood (five points), Cornelius Stacy (two points), and De’Anquone Taylor (two points) also contributed.