Clanton Police Department reports for the week of Nov. 3, 2014

Published 2:02 pm Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from Oct. 20-26:

Oct. 20
•Vehicle accident: U.S. Highway 31 and Inverness Drive
•Vehicle accident: Enterprise Road and Pipes Ave.
•Vehicle accident: Lay Dam Road and Interstate 65
•Theft (miscellaneous): 301 City St. (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: Hay Lane (arrest)
•Theft of property: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Assault: Clanton Intermediate School
•Criminal mischief: Country Club Drive

Oct. 21
•Aggravated assault (non-family, strong-arm): Selma Police Department (arrest)
•Charitable fraud: Wal-Mart
•Child custody dispute: Community Center
•Theft of property, third degree: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Property damage/civil matter: Airport Road

Oct. 22
•Vehicle accident: Alabama Highway 145 and Bell Lane Road
•Vehicle accident: Friendship Road and Lay Dam Road
•Theft (miscellaneous): Clanton Police Department (arrest)
•Methamphetamine (possession); possession of marijuana; drug paraphernalia, first offense: Interstate 65 S. at Mile Marker 208 (arrest)
•Simple assault (family): Mount Pleasant Road (arrest)
•Harassment (family): Mount Pleasant Road (arrest)
•Attempt to commit a controlled substance crime; possession of a controlled substance: address not given
•Identity theft: Hinkle Road
•Disorderly conduct: Chilton County High School
•Public intoxication; disorderly conduct: address not given
•Obstructing government operations: address not given
•Minor in consumption of alcohol: address not given
•Suspicious activity/incident: address not given
•Illegal possession of a credit/debit card: Lake Mitchell Road
•Identity theft: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Unclassified complaint: Second Ave. N.
•Suspicious activity/incident: Seventh St. S.
•Domestic violence: Mount Pleasant Road
•Death investigation: Fourth Ave. S.

Oct. 23
•Vehicle accident: Pipes Ave. and Enterprise Road
•Probation arrest warrant; harassment: Seventh St. N. and Baugh Ford (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: City St. (arrest)
•Suspicious activity/incident: address not given
•Assist other law enforcement agency: Seventh St. S. at Independent Fence
•Disorderly conduct: address not given
•Theft of property, third degree: 1415 Seventh St. S.
•Possession of a forged instrument: Seventh St.
•Failure to pay for gasoline: address not given
•Harassment: Second St. S.
•Attempted suicide: Ollie Ave.
•Fraudulent use of a credit/debit card; falsely reporting incident: Seventh St. S.
•Sexual abuse: address not given
•Disorderly conduct: address not given

Oct. 24
•Vehicle accident: Second Ave. N.
•Vehicle accident: Fourth Ave. N. and Little John Road
•Vehicle accident: First Ave. and Liberty St.
•Shoplifting: Collins Chapel Road, Lot 26 (arrest)
•Public intoxication: Chilton County High School (arrest)
•Suspicious activity/incident: August St.
•Property damage/civil matter: Interstate 65 N. at Mile Marker 210.5
•Identity theft: Lay Dam Road
•Harassment: Seventh St. and County Road 41
•Theft of property: Mount Pleasant Road

Oct. 25
•Vehicle accident: Interstate 65 N. at the 212 Entrance Ramp
•Vehicle accident: Enterprise Road and Jackson Ave.
•Negotiating a worthless instrument: Lay Dam Road and at the city limits (arrest)
•Suspicious activity/incident: County Road 41 and Temple Road

Oct. 26
•Shoplifting: First Ave. (arrest)
•Possession of marijuana; Appearing in a public place while under the influence: Exxon Service Station, Exit 208 (arrest)
•Obstructing governmental operations: address not given (arrest)
•Theft of property, third degree: Seventh St. N.
•Public intoxication; possession of marijuana: Exxon

Jemison Police Dept. reports

The following is an activity report of the Jemison Police Department from Oct. 22-28:

Oct. 22
•Theft of property: 24000 block of U.S. Highway 31
•Threats being made: 25000 block of U.S. Highway 31

Oct. 23
•Property damage: 10000 block of County Road 42
•Child custody dispute: 200 block of Princeton Lane
•Harassment: County Road 153

Oct. 24
•Theft of property: 100 block of Ellison Road

Oct. 25
•Property damage: 1000 block of County Road 42
•Death investigation: 400 block of County Road 177

Oct. 26
•Criminal mischief: 11000 block of County Road 51
•One person arrested for attempted burglary and public intoxication: Porter’s Texaco Alabama Highway 191

Oct. 27
•Possession of a forged instrument: Pizza Hut U.S. Highway 31
•Disorderly conduct: 2000 block of County Road 153
•Burglary: 1600 block of County Road 48
•One person arrested for disorderly conduct: 2000 block of County Road 153
•Served 4 arrest warrants for failure to appear in court

Oct. 28
•Theft of property: 100 block of Patton St.
•Threats being made: 25000 block of U.S. Highway 31
•Private property damages: County Road 42 and County Road 29