VHS Beta Club inducts new members

Published 5:56 pm Monday, November 3, 2014

Students at Verbena High School recite the Beta Club Pledge during an induction ceremony Oct. 30.

Students at Verbena High School repeat the Beta Club Pledge during an induction ceremony Oct. 30.

Fifty-four students in ninth through 12th grades were inducted into Verbena High School’s chapter of the National Beta Club during a ceremony in the auditorium Thursday morning.

To be invited to join Beta Club at VHS, students must earn an overall average grade of 85 (on a standard or advanced diploma), display a commitment to school and community service, have good character and show a commitment to excel academically.

Input from the VHS faculty is also considered.

VHS Beta Club President Adam Heflin started the ceremony with a call to order.

Club senior Krystal Courtney led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Club senior Hannah Sanford gave a devotion and prayer.

Club senior Christian Agee gave the introduction of members.

After Beta Club co-sponsor Amy Thomas welcomed inductees and guests, members conducted a candlelight ceremony in which they lit a candle and explained what each candle’s color symbolized for all Beta Club members.

Heflin lit the white candle representing purity and faith.

Vice President Victoria Irvin lit the red candle representing love and wisdom.

Secretary Shanna Baker lit the blue candle representing truth, constancy and fidelity.

Treasurer Grant Deavers lit the black candle representing dignity, restraint and seriousness.

Reporter Makenzie Roller lit the gold candle representing warmth, friendship and faithfulness.

Sponsor and VHS Assistant Principal Dwight Swindle gave the Challenge to New Members.

Senior Beta Club charter inductee Adrianna Pike gave the Response of Candidate.

Swindle and Beta members then repeated the Beta Club Pledge.

New members’ names were called out individually as they walked across the stage to receive their certificates and club pins.

Swindle invited members’ parents and guardians in attendance to stand and be recognized for their involvement in helping the students achieve a high level of academic success.

“You are their first teachers,” Swindle said.

Swindle and VHS Principal Kelvin Boulware announced that VHS was named a National Beta School of Distinction for 2014-2015.

The award recognizes schools that demonstrate an increase in membership by at least 10 percent.

“A third of our students qualified to join Beta Club,” Swindle said.

Boulware also congratulated the newly inducted Beta Club members.

2015 VHS Beta Club charter inductees were: Josie E. Adams, Robert A. Adams, Diana G. Baldwin, Megan E. Barrett, Taylor M. Barrett, Samuel W. Brown, Heidi L. Connell, Amber N. Dunn, Payton G. Friday, Chrissy A. Fuller, Christopher A. Fuller, Melissa Granados, Sergio Granados, Bria E. Graves, Brie L. Graves, Ryan M. Graves, Katelyn Green, Carissa M. Hall, Jasmine Headley, Edgar Huerta-Solorio, Jay W. Hunter, Krysten L. Jones, Makaylie N. Kelley, Juan Lasoya, Marilyn Martinez-Pulido, Brandon J. McCullough, Anthony J. Miller, Eric Cole Mims, Harley D. Mims, Makayla D. Mims, Tanner P. Mims, Celeste N. Montgomery, William Blake Nelson, Madelynn J. Nieto, Sabrasha D. Osborne, Courtney A. Penton, Brenda Parrales-Ayala, Selena N. Patterson, Adrianna N. Pike, Brianna D. Price, Justin L. Quinn, Christopher A. Rager, Rose Lee Sanders, Sarah E. Sanford, Christian B. Schoener, Tessa N. Thompson, Savanna B. Towers, Amber N. Tucker, Juwan D. Tyus, Jacqueline Vieya-Maciel, Dakota A. Vessichio, Candice M. Williams, Dejah S. White and Ja’Starza S. White.