Board of Education approves school requests, personnel changes

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Chilton County Board of Education voted on school requests and personnel changes during a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.

During the visitor section of the meeting, the board heard from Donna Washington who told the board she was a “concerned parent.”

Washington explained to the board that her children attend school at the Verbena Annex, and she would like to see a secretary placed in the front office who could tend to the front door.

“Right now, the bell system that was put in place doesn’t work very well,” Washington said. “If someone comes to the door and rings the bell, the sound of the bell doesn’t go very far and you can’t hear it. The bell was a step up from what it used to be, but I have checked and visited with other schools and they all have a secretary in the front office.”

Washington thanked Superintendent Dave Hayden for coming up with the idea to place a bell system at the front door, but asked the board to look into the situation of finding a solution to have someone to hear the bell ring.

“Don’t just take my word for it, examine it yourself,” Washington said.

In other news, the board:

•Approved payrolls for September 2014 and account payables for September 2014.

•Scheduled a board meeting on Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. to approve Fiscal Year 2014 year end financials.

•Approved special education program requests.

•Approved child nutrition program requests.

•Approved the technology coordinator’s request for e-rate, webhosting and cellular service.

•Requested bids on installing poles and lights at Thorsby School’s baseball field.

•Approved the following for homebound services: Damon Tyler Abbott, eight grader at Verbena from Sept. 12 for at least eight weeks and Makenzie K. Johnson, ninth grader at Jemison from Sept. 19 until Oct. 31.

•Approved the revised job description for the federal programs supervisor.

•Approved the abridged federal program plans as requested by Adriane Dennis, the Federal Programs Supervisor.

•Approved posting a Title 1 classroom teacher assistant for Jemison Middle School as requested by the federal programs supervisor.

•Approved the following leave requests: Ken Copen, military, retroactive to Aug. 5, 2014 and Aug. 8, 2014; Paula Hand, catastrophic, as needed; and Sarah Robinson, catastrophic and maternity from Sept. 23-Nov. 14.

•Approved paying the cost of demo and prep work for a Jemison High School Culinary Arts Facility as requested by the director of career and technical education.

•Approved payment of $223,619 for state property insurance with minimum deductible increasing from $500 to $1,000.

•Approved Betsy Mackin, psychometrist, to attend the Mid-South Psychology In The Schools Conference scheduled Nov. 5-7 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

•Approved all school bookkeepers to attend a state mandatory training for two days twice a year as requested by Steve Yeargan, Chief School Financial Officer.

•Approved long-term CAP Placement for the following students: Christian Cox, Chilton County High School for 90 days; Jacob Price, Isabella High School for the remainder of the semester; Brian Hicks, Thorsby High School, for the remainder of the semester; Taylor Campbell, Isabella High School for the remainder of the semester; and Camerson Talley, Isabella High School for 30 days.

The board approved the following school/shop requests:

•Chilton County High School: Permission for the Clanton Evening Lions Club to use the cafeteria and seating area and the auditorium for Nov. 1-2 for the Miss Chilton County Pageant, approved the revised supplement list for baseball coaches, approved Hal Ellison as volunteer baseball coach and approved the baseball club to pay a supplement of $1,057 to Thomas Hughes and a supplement of $400 per month to Ryan Ellison.

•Jemison Elementary: Approved Courtney Smith as certified substitute ($71.25 a day) for Cleckley leave (Aug. 6-Aug. 22) and Ellison leave (Aug. 25-Sept. 17). Approved Deanna Clements as certified substitute ($71.25 a day) for Ellison leave (Sept. 26 until Dec. 1).

•Thorsby High School: Permission for the Thorsby Athletic Booster Club to add lighting to the high school baseball field and add a coaches office/storage room to the athletic building. Approved Leighsa Robinson as head softball coach for the 2015 season.

•Verbena High School: Approved the following changes in the supplement list: removed James York as junior varsity baseball coach and added Scott Doss as JV baseball coach and James York as softball coach.

•Shops: Approved to bid and purchase two truck/vans for maintenance department and approved to add a new Clanton bus route and post a driver position.

The board approved the following resignations:

•Kay W. Pate, bus driver, special education route, effective Sept. 30.

•Angela M. Sanderson, teacher at Isabella, effective Oct. 31.

•Stephanie Thacker, cafeteria assistant at Jemison High School, effective Oct. 21.

•Tim Littlefield, Auto body Instructor at LeCroy Career Technical Center, effective Oct. 31.

The board voted to approve the following employees and post positions:

•Clanton Intermediate School: Jessica Higgins, 0.5 Title I Intervention Teacher/0.5 unit Itinerate English Language Teacher (only for remainder of this school year).

•Clanton Middle School: Kimberly Martin, special education teacher assistant (only for remainder of the school year).

•Verbena High School: Dawn Bailey, cafeteria assistant.

•LeCroy Career Technical Center: Clark Thompson, teacher assistant/access facilitator (only for remainder of this school year).

•Bus Shop: Teresa Smith, bus driver, Jemison route.

•The board voted to approve April 30, 2015, as the date for the Chilton County Special Olympics.

•The board voted to approve the following students as regular youth workers and substitute youth workers in the CES/CIS after school program: Priyanka Ahuja, Tiana Benson, Hannah Oaks, Katlen Willis, Lloyd Lykes, Drew Threlkeld, Boyd Price, Dylan Teel, Celeste Mims, Luevenia Woods, Skyler Blankenship and Hannah Henley.

•Approved bids for a van for the technology center from Stokes Chevrolet for $20,750 and a truck for the vocational center from Stokes Chevrolet for $27,406.

•Approved Kevin Driver and Matt Griffin to work part-time for the Public Service Academy at LeCroy Career Technical Center.